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Thread: inova led for scorpion replacement?

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    Default inova led for scorpion replacement?

    My friend is diabetic and has very poor vision at night. I bought him a scorpion like mine about a yea ago and he loves being able to light up stairs and such when out at night...unfotunately, batteries are expensive along with short run time when used alot...would he be better served with an LED for lighting directly in front of him? Also, would an LED like the x5 light up a street sign from his car? He also uses it for that...thanks in advance guys...

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    Default Re: inova led for scorpion replacement?

    Unless you have a 5 watt LS in a super focused beam, I don't think you can light up a street sign from his car if there is loads of street lights already. But of cos if it's super dark.... it would work. Anything less than an LS 1 watt would not be good..

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    Default Re: inova led for scorpion replacement?

    I'm moving this to the LEDs section...



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    Default Re: inova led for scorpion replacement?

    I couldn't resist so I tried it in my neighborhood. (I'm diabetic also but I can see okay at night so far.) We have lots of streetlights. I tried this on signs about ten to twelve feet from the SUV. I used several different lights and I'll list them in order of perceived brightness.

    1)Surefire KL-1 with E2e
    2)ARC LS1 with 2AA battery pack
    3)Surefire KL-1 with E1
    4)ARC LS1 with single 123
    5)Streamlight 4AA LED
    6)Streamlight 3C LED
    7)Innova X5T

    The difference between the ARC and Surefire was small but was noticeable. The difference between the ARC LS with a single 123 and the Streamlight was more noticeable but the sign was still well lit. Oddly the Streamlight 3C didn't light up the sign as well. I'm not sure why. The Innova did light up the sign but both Streamlights were a lot brighter. Sorry for the subjective measurements but it's the best I could do. If your friend is concerned about either the price of the flashlight or the batteries I would definitely suggest either Streamlight.

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    Default Re: inova led for scorpion replacement?

    If price is the main thing, you can get the KL-1 head for the Scorpion. It will fit, but about one and a half threads will show below the bezel, I just push the rubber up around it and it looks okay. Except it is the wrong color.

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