Look What Wayne, Elektrolumens, just sold me.

"I do not have any side emitting 5W cyans. I do have a green side emitter. I just was not impressed with the beam they give off. It doesn't focus too well. The lambertian gives a tighter beam than the side emitter, because of the much smaller point of light emission. As you mentioned you wanted a tight as possible beam. The 6AA combination works well in a Garrity 2D
flashlight. It is a lot more work to make one, as I have to build a post to mount the emitter on. I also replace the switch holder and switch with a custom switch setup. And the battery holder must be modified to work as a slide in. I will modify the 6D in either of the two configurations, for the same price. If you want a Garrity 2D modified with the cyan lambertian LS, I would want a lot more money, which would be $149.99. I'm not really trying to gouge you. It's just a lot of work to make one."

This is what I bought then for the $149:

garrity 2D flashlight modified to use 6AA rechargeable NIMH batteries
5 watt cyan lambertian luxeon star OR whatever you deem is best Wayne I trust your judgement I don't want a side emitter because you said it doesn't focus well
Fully focusable flashlight.
Resistorred so NIMH won't fry emitter.
Good heat sinking so flaslight will last.

Elektrolumen's store is like a candystore since he'll sell you virtually anything you can dream up that you want.