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Thread: Online shopping cart platform enquiry

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    Default Online shopping cart platform enquiry

    Hello all CPF members, I want to setup a web-shopping site like the "sandwich shoppe". I already have a server running php,sql and apache (of cos..). Ablilty to accept paypal is a must..and freeware is always welcomed.

    Need some advice, pls help~

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    Default Re: Online shopping cart platform enquiry

    The Shoppe is running the popular OSCommerce software, you can find it at www.oscommerce.com. It does offer some degree of Paypal integration although you may have to put in some work to make it happen, and it is free (open source).

    I've played with it and it is not that hard to deploy, although customizing it and integrating Paypal are the hard parts which I have not tried.

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    Default Re: Online shopping cart platform enquiry

    If you have a premiere/business paypal account then you can just use their free shopping cart system to accept paypal and credit card transactions. Pretty much just cut and paste.

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