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    Default First impressions of a Tx3 ...

    First impressions of a Tx3 ...

    I just bought a gerb3r Tx3 Flashlight. I wanted to give my first impressions…

    Good points:
    1. Much like its sibling, the Lx3, it puts out a very bright light. It's a Bright spotlight, in conjunction with a nice peripheral light.
    2. Very sturdy, heavy and long. Good to use as a defensive weapon in a pinch.
    3. Nylon Holster is very nicely made. Feels “pretty sturdy”. Stitching is good. Better stitching than my ballistic nylon holster on my inova x5, IMHO.

    "Bad" points:
    1. After using the flashlight for a few days, I noticed tiny silver marks/dots on the black, Type II, aluminum coating. Where the black coating was on the head, is now little marks of silver color, (I’m assuming it's the underlying aluminum). Also,the patina of the coating is also leaving small swashes of lightly discolored black. This is just absolutely unacceptable. That a “higher-end” flashlight would have such a poor finish. I think the manufacturer needs to go back to the drawing board and consider a type III coating of some kind.

    2. Nylon Holster has a huge White logo of the company along the length. Now I understand companies are proud of their higher-end flashlights. And I understand their need to promote their brand. But having a pure white logo (around 2 inches in length) on a pure black holster seems strange for a “tactical flashlight”. If you want stealth in the night-time with this holster, might want to tape up the logo. In regards to everyday carry. A huge white logo, on black holster makes the holster look like a sheath for a knife. Not very understated, nor unassuming.

    Welp that’s my first impression.

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    Default Re: First impressions of a Tx3 ...

    Explain to Gerber your disapointment with the finish and request a silver one (if available) as a warrantee replacement. Good luck.

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    Funny you should say that. Earlier today, I called their customer service phone number. To query them on my subjective views of this product. So I could hopefully pass their responses to this post. The technical dept. person, whom the operator transferred me to, had a voice message. No luck there. Called again, asked operator if there was anyone else there to talk to. The other tech., was at lunch. Then I did what any dedicated, inquisitive person would do. I gave up. :P

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    Additional impressions...

    The good:

    4. The flashlight, in the holster is very "comfortable". The sweet-spot for wearing it on my belt is on the exact side of my body, and slightly pushed backwards on the belt about 1 inch. To be more specific, the spot where most pockets on pants fall. Think "western gunslinger" holster position. For reference, my belt is the 2 inch tall, leather kind.

    5. Egress from the holster is easy. If you twist up the bottom of the flashlight in the holster at a 45 degree angle. Then with the same hand, do a one-hand, quick push-forward motion.

    6. The push-on power button is very firm, and re-assuring. I don't see the light turning on accidentally while in the holster.

    7. This flashlight works nicely with my 2200mah, NiMH AA rechargable batteries.

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    Default Re: First impressions of a Tx3 ...

    Long-term impressions:

    In conclusion:

    After using this led light for a while I’ve come to some subjective conclusions:

    A. The sheath, (fixed belt loop), limits the quick on/off usability. It would be easier if the sheath belt loop had a snap button for quick on/off the belt.

    B. The flashlight is too heavy, wide and long, for CONSTANT belt carry.


    I've relegated this flashlight as my automobile light. It comes in very handy for use on working on my car. Since it's a tight and bright beam, it lights up a dark engine bay in any light conditions. Especially when it’s so sunny and bright out that no other light I have can shed light under the hood of the car. Even a dedicated automotive 12-volt fluorescents light can not illuminate the engine bay well, under the above conditions. Also it's great for use as your primary emergency light for your car. It's now a permanent stow in my car's center console.

    Hope you enjoyed my impressions….

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