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Thread: SOLD: HA nat Lionheart # 213 (v2) plus extras

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    Default SOLD: HA nat Lionheart # 213 (v2) plus extras

    ****Sold pending transaction completion****

    I am selling/trading(got an extra sebenza?) HA nat lionheart 213 firmware v2

    Excellent Condition with only a small ding in the bottom of the light that was present when shipped by Mr.Bulk. This ding was apparently present before anodizing so the anodizing is unaffected.


    1 HA Lionheart #213 upgraded to version 2 firmware - very
    bright and white. This light is a throw monster.

    1 Pila charger

    2 150a pila batteries - only one charged once. The other is unused

    1 Mr. Bulk pocketclip

    2 additional UCL lenses

    2 additional ims reflectors (I'm currently waiting for The
    Shoppe to get these to me)

    1 HA natural 168a/18650 tube by Otokoyama - I am waiting
    for this to be delivered. According to Otok, they are
    complete and enroute to him. Then they will be shipped.
    Should'nt be any longer than a week or two till I receive

    1 Bright Green Tritium capsule for Darkness location. This
    is uninstalled. It fits into the cooling grooves and can
    held in place with a small dab of the glue/epoxy of your
    choice. Requires no modification of the light and is
    completely reversible if something like silicone is used.

    All this for 300.00 shipped CONUS Priority mail - This is a very fair price and LESS Than what I have invested in all this. I'd also be interested in trades for nice folding knives - anyone got a sebenza they wanna trade ?(I hope , I'll never get one any other way![img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img])

    Outside the U.S. extra

    ***Credit Card paypal add 10.00

    Not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail

    I will ship all of this Together upon reciept of the enroute items for the price listed above (likely to be no more than 2 weeks but I can't guarantee - I will communicate frequently). If you want seperate shipments then additional shipping will apply for the other shipment. I am currently working alot of hours(with no escape possible to the post office) and will be unable to ship prior to this Sat (april 30th I think)

    In the interest of fairness the first unqualified "I'll take it" POSTED here, gets it. What this means is that if you PM me stating that you want it and someone else posts here and you haven't , they get first dibs. Please do not PM until posting here first. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    ****Sold pending transaction completion****

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    Default Re: FS /trade: HA nat Lionheart # 213 (v2) plus ex

    O.K. I'll take it.
    The only thing missing in the package st a LDF lense.... Guess I'll go call up flashlight lense after the transaction.

    I would like insurance on the shipping. How much extra will that be?

    And then the inportant question... What Paypal address for the cash transfer?

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    Default Re: FS /trade: HA nat Lionheart # 213 (v2) plus ex

    Wow, what a deal!

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    Default Re: FS /trade: HA nat Lionheart # 213 (v2) plus ex

    I wish I had the money. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/broke.gif[/img]

    Nice steal, Spots. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: FS /trade: HA nat Lionheart # 213 (v2) plus ex

    that was easily the best deal I've seen for a Lionheart package.



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