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Thread: Q3 output w/AA battery tubes (photos)

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    Default Q3 output w/AA battery tubes (photos)

    Most of us know about the Q3 and what a great little light it is. We also know that a fellow named 'Streetluge' is making battery tubes for it. These tubes turn the Q3 into an "AA" or "2AA" light. I think these tubes make the Q3 into a 'swiss army light', now it really can do anything and cheaply.

    There has been much discussion about the tubes and the output of the light when using "AAs". I was in the country this weekend at a place which is off the grid and on an island in a large lake. When it gets dark there's no fooling around, it's dark!

    With this as background here are some photos:

    I find the "AA" tube to be just right. It is not as bright as the others but it has just the right amount of light for really dark places where too much light ruins night vision.

    Of course if you need more light you can just revert or use the "2AA" tube on the Q3.

    BTW, I had an Arc AA with me as well (I won it in the raffle, thanks again) and I must say that it is a really impressive light. It was quite useful at about 70% of the Q3 1AA (with about half the throw).

    (this post was edited to make the images work and added the BTW)

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    Default Re: Q3 output w/AA battery tubes (photos)

    If you added a 14500 Li-ion cell in the single AA tube you'd be just as bright or brighter than a 2AA cell. I know more heat comes out of the light with a Li-ion.

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