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Thread: Cyclops 1WF & 3WF?

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    Default Cyclops 1WF & 3WF?

    I just saw these two lights at my local sporting goods store and had never heard of them. A search of CPF turned up nothing. Google took me to a SHOT show report that mentioned them.

    The 1WF is a 1 watt/1CR123 that is advertised at 30 lumens on the package and the 3WF is a 3watt/2 CR123 with an advertised 80 lumens. It looks like the 1 watt uses an optic, the 3 watt a smooth reflector. I thought the 1 watt looked a little like the sharper image light. Anyone else seen these or used them. They were $40 and $80 respectively.

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    Question Re: Cyclops 1WF & 3WF?


    I received one of the 123Ax2 3W models as a gift a few months ago. I'm not too impressed with it, but have been unable to find any information on it online. No reviews, no anything. Does anyone know anything about them?

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