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Thread: list your lights

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    That's a pretty impressive list, Flashlightman, for a guy who doesn't review his lights!!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/happy14.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: list your lights

    [ QUOTE ]
    flashlightfreek said:
    That's a pretty impressive list, Flashlightman, for a guy who doesn't review his lights!!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/happy14.gif[/img]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    No, I don't review them, but sure do appreaciate the guys that do. Many lights were bought after reading thier take on a light!

    THANKS guys for the reviews, keep 'em coming. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/buttrock.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: list your lights

    I've owned 80+ lights, but I've downsized to the ones I like or use the most (maybe I should downsize again soon):

    HDS U60XRGT w/ SS bezel and trits (survival)
    Surefire M6 x2 (built my own regulated packs for them and love them!)
    Surefire M3/M3T with all the accessories available (a Photon Freedom lights the Pelican case)
    Surefire A2 x5 (all have the strion mod, aviatrix ring, trits in the clips, run on li-ions--my all time favorite lights)
    Surefire G2Z with P91 and IMR 16340's (a lot of fun)
    Surefire G2Z x2 with 2 level Nailbender incandescentish LED drop ins (3000K XPE) fantastic camping lights
    Surefire G2 w/ drop-in module, UCL, x2 (my beater lights)
    Surefire E2e w/ bi-pin adapters x2 (just to have a couple classics)
    Surefire 6P with ambonya burl body x2, 3 stage tailcap and D26 strion mod
    Inova X5T x2 (white: emergency and around the house light; red: designated "dead battery" light)
    Fenix H30 and H50 headlamps (excellent for my needs)
    SL Argo HP headlamp (great glovebox light)
    Several lightingpro.org lights (great regulation, long running incans)
    PT40, several MJLEDs (lights I pass out to friends while camping)
    SL TwinTask 2L (wife's camping light)
    Jetbeam C-LE x2 (wife's purse light)
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    Default Re: list your lights

    Holy cow... Ledmuseum, I wonder what would happen if you'd turn them all on and shine thme on one spot... LOL

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    Here are mine:

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    [ QUOTE ]
    mobile1 said:
    Holy cow... Ledmuseum, I wonder what would happen if you'd turn them all on and shine thme on one spot... LOL

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Whatever he aims them at would probably cath fire!

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    Default Re: list your lights

    [ QUOTE ]
    powernoodle said:
    ..... The rest of us have to use paypal or a credit card, coupled with the ability to sneak them in the house past the wifewoman. I've found USPS priority mail to be best for this purpose, as there is no pesky knock at the door by UPS or FedEx which gives it away.

    best regards

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I have three words for you boys:

    POST OFFICE BOX ! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/naughty.gif[/img]

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    [ QUOTE ]
    Flashlightboy said:

    Do not fret. Instead, take your hobby into the realm that women understand - accessories. Confront your enemy head on, show no fear and they will respect you.

    You simply tell your female other that you will stop buying flashlights whenever she stops buying shoes and purses. And point out that lights are cheaper than shoes and purses. This logic is above serious scrutiny in girl world.

    Starting counting pairs of shoes on the floor and purchase your next light accordingly. Let her do the work for and above all else, don't make this harder on yourself than necessary.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Good thinking. My wife's collection of shoes, purses, lipsticks, nailpolishes, etc. are definitely more than my flashlight collection. Hmmm....

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Brinkmann Legend LX
    Inova Microlight (white)
    Inova X5 (Titanium white)
    MiniMag with INRETECH 2AA white (not enhanced white)
    Pelican M6 Lithium silver
    Pelican M6 HA3 LuxIII (favorite LED, most powerful LED, EDC)
    Princeton Tec Surge (most powerful light by far)
    Streamlight TL-2 Xenon (favorite incan)
    Surefire M2, with KT1

    (Inova XO Black given to my friend who has vision problem)

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Inova X1(2)
    Inova T1
    Dorcy 1AAA(2)
    Dorcy 1AA
    Surefire L1(2)
    Pack Lite
    Aleph 1
    Inova X5
    Peak Kilamanjaro
    Peak Kino Bay
    Peak Matterhorn(2)
    Peak McKinley
    Streamlight Jr. Lux
    Streamlight Propolymer Lux
    Nuwai 2AAA .5Watt
    Nuwai 1AA .5Watt
    Minimag 2AA with ministar
    Photon Freedom
    Photon 1(2)
    12 Led Ghost

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    [ QUOTE ]
    The list below does not include well over 1000 other “regular, antique, and generator” lights from various manufacturers like: Eveready, Rayovac, Burgess, Fulton, Winchester, Homart, Bond, USA Lite, BrightStar, and many more.
    My collection has taken 15 to 20 years to build. I have gotten away from collecting the older lights. Now days, It’s High-Tech or the older generator lights only.
    It all started with the Tekna brand of lights. These were really nice lights that were almost ahead of their time.


    [/ QUOTE ]


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    Default Re: list your lights

    I've been deliberately ignoring this thread. Tonight I thought I'd take a look. Until now, I thought I had a problem. After looking at your lists (especially the heavy hitters like Craig, Quickbeam & Flashlightman) I feel like a normal person instead of one you geek types[img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hahaha.gif[/img][img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crackup.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: list your lights

    [ QUOTE ]
    UncleFester said:
    I've been deliberately ignoring this thread. Tonight I thought I'd take a look. Until now, I thought I had a problem. After looking at your lists (especially the heavy hitters like Craig, Quickbeam & Flashlightman) I feel like a normal person instead of one you geek types[img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hahaha.gif[/img][img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crackup.gif[/img]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    OK, If that's what you want to call me.
    All this time I thought I was just compulsive!
    Now I'm a compulsive GEEK!


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    Default Re: list your lights

    I just have:

    Inova T2
    Costco 2 Watts
    Mini 3 luxeon
    21 Leds 3AAA
    17 Leds3AAA
    12 Leds A GhostII
    Head Light 3Watts clone with 3 Leds 3AAA
    Pelican L1
    4 or more Keychain Led 5mm

    I am waiting for a couples more...
    Last edited by Changchung; 12-26-2005 at 06:22 PM.
    Zebralight Spark Princeton Inova Petzl Maglite Bushnell 4 XM-L MagMod and a lot of Cree XM-L Lights Nitecore i4 Intellicharger Intl-outdoor 3400 Panasonic 3100 Bare and protected Samsung 3000 Sanyo 2600
    Please, respect the planet, dont kill animals...

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Quote Originally Posted by FLASHLIGHTMAN
    i take it your wife left you? haha just kidding

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Thery´re in my sig.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    I joined this forum because I had some queries about flashlights, however I ended up finding out all I needed on the search facility. Never thought I would ever make it to ‘Enlightened’ as all the info I needed was already available.

    Looks like I made it just practising posting and talking about muti-tools!

    Anyway, here’s my first Flashlight contribution.

    Flashlights in the house;

    Surefire G2 olive (mine)

    Surefire G2 black (Wife’s)

    Surefire G2 tan (Wife’s)

    Surefire 6P with P61 lamp (mine)

    Surefire Z2 with P61 lamp (Wife’s)

    Surefire E2E HA (In Santa’s sack – on it’s way to me)

    Surefire E1L (In Santa’s sack – on it’s way to my wife)

    Various Mags and small flashlights around the house.

    Happy Christmas!

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Partials are listed within the Signatory line with some of the SureFires being in duplicates, triplicates, and quadruplicates along with other various mixes not posted.

    "That's All Folks!"

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Mike Jordan SF III
    MJP UF 007
    MJP X6
    Spy 007
    Mac´s 1D P7
    Ellie 1 Quad 3600L
    Ellie II Quad 3600L
    Extreme III MJP
    FM M*g 85
    FM 700L spiral
    FM Ellie Hid
    FM 4x14670
    FM red magcharger
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    Default Re: list your lights

    OK here we go.

    Mag 3D
    Inova X5 Blue
    Inova X5 White
    SF U2 Ultra
    8-LED light
    Sears Craftsman Oscillite
    Brookstone DualBeam
    Brookstone Headlamp
    old Ray-O-Vac light, metal
    Dorcy Cool Blue (on-loan to my dad)
    Dorcy Super 1-Watt AAA
    Dorcy Super 1-Watt 3D
    Flashlight+Siren combo *1
    Lumilite Krypton 4400 w/Halogen bulb “mod”
    Coleman WideBeam
    Coleman 2MCP Spotlight
    Energizer ArcWhite
    C Crane Trek7
    Energizer DoubleBarrel (missing switch)
    Duracell Flip! 2C
    Duracell Durabeam 2AA
    Inova Radiant C series (coming soon)

    Glo-Wands (Red, Green, White, Blue x2)
    R.B.B.B Circus spin light w/tiger head, blue *2
    Invisible Secrets UV LED “decoder”
    Forever Bright Christmas lights (2 sets)

    *1: FlashlightMuseum page:

    *2: FlashlightMuseum page:

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Itishiki, Lioncub, Lionheart HA, HDS EDC Ultimate 60 GT, Jets22 LS mod, Arc 4+, LSHFP, Peak Kilimanjaro (UV), Surefire E2e and M6, Firefly2 and an Arc AAA LLC. I also have a USL on order. Can we call it an addiction yet?

    PS: Sorry Henry.
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    Default Re: list your lights

    *Mag2C - ROP Lion version
    *Mag2C - DownBoy1000 Lux V
    *Aleph2 Flupic single 123
    *Groovy #95
    *HDS-Basic60 ( all time favorite )
    *FireFly III
    *CR2 ion lime green HA
    *(chimo)Arc-AAA Flupic
    *Lambda MiniPro-AAA
    *Peak Matterhorn 3 high power snow white LED
    *Solitaire - Lion DD Lux3
    *Solitaire - Lion resistor add DD SMJLED
    *China made AAA - Lion DD Nichia
    *China made 3 LED - replace with Nichia run with 3 x LR44 coin cell

    Wish to buy 2006 - Gatlight 123 model

    Wish all good luck
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    Default Re: list your lights

    don't know how I missed this thread...

    whoa... that's some serious collections shown!

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Arc AAA (my EDC)
    Gerber Infinity Ultra (just died this past week)
    Nuwai Q3
    Ace Hardware 4LED, 2AA light (same as Dorcy 2AA)
    Energizer 1LED 4AA
    No-brand 3LED, 3AAA light (night light)
    Lots of Energizer keychain squeeze lights
    Mini Maglite 2AA
    Mini Maglite 2AAA x 2

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    Au Re: list your lights

    Here is my list too...

    Arc AAA-P new
    Arc AAA-P old
    Arc AAA old
    Arc AAA UV
    Arc AAA blue
    Arc AAA turquoise
    Arc AAA Red-Orange
    Arc AAA Red
    Arc AAA RGB
    Arc LSH-S n°134+ 2AAcliky+ 1x123cliky+ 1AA twisty+ 1x123 twisty+ belt pouch
    Arc4+ rev II n° 1613 (dead switch) + metal box
    HDS U60 GT n°0232
    PeaK Lead Matterhorn 3 Led red
    Petzl ZIPKA+
    Led-Lenser V8 blue
    Plastic key chain white led (x2)
    Plastic key chain amber led
    Metal key chain white led(x2)
    Metal key chain UV led
    Solitaire Lux mod luxbright
    Solitaire Lux mod LED-ASAP
    L0P (ordered)

    Mini Maglite black body
    Solitaire black body(x2)
    Pelican Mitylite 2 AAA +red lens

    Osram Digilux 2AA
    Money detector UV 366nm 4xAA
    Green laser pointer 5mw 2 AAA
    Red laser pointer 2x6LR61
    Key chain red laser pointer (x4)
    RGB LED pen (x2)
    Blue LED pen (x2)
    old(~1999) advertizing pen green-yelow led.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Arc AAA-P
    Fenix L1
    SF E1e
    SF L2
    SF M3
    SF M6
    Streamlight PP 3C Lux
    Mag 4C
    Chinese 'Police' multiple LED Light
    and a whole lot of keychain LED lights
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    Default Re: list your lights

    As of 4/9/06

    SF M6
    SF A2
    SF C2
    SF E2d
    SF G2
    SF E1
    (2)Fenix L1P
    Dorcy S1W
    Golston 7W Super Bright Waterproof USA

    Plus a few unmentionables.
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    Default Re: list your lights

    Some of my lights (see sig):

    ARC AAA Premium / Amilite Neo T3 / Peak Caribbean / Fenix L2P / HDS EDC U60 XRGT / Princeton Tec EOS / Elektro Lumens ELX-6 / SF 10X Dominator / UK Light Cannon 100 / (2) Streamlight Ultra-Stingers / Mag 3D 4D 2C 2AA / River Rock 2aa 2c 3aaa / Glo-Toob FX (Amber) / Spiral Mini Mag85 Silver / Mag85 Black / Amondotech HID / Harbor Freight 35W HID / Stenlight S7 / (2) CPF Multi-Level / more

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    Thumbs up Re: list your lights

    ORB Raw (for suit/formal occasions)

    HDS U60 (for everyday carry)

    Surefire E2D Defender (for home use, next to front door - carried to bedroom)

    Surefire C2 Centurion (For on duty - LEO)

    Surefire M3T (For duty work at incidents)

    Streamlight Scorpion (in my private vehicle)

    Surefire U2 (For dog walking in woods at night)

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Quote Originally Posted by The_LED_Museum
    As of just over a year ago:

    Aitec "Collimator" torches
    Brinkmann Rebel 2 4-LED Flashlight
    Tektite Excursion LS4 Flashlight
    Excursion Pro
    Expedition 300 (Green)
    Expedition 300 (White)
    Expedition 50
    Trek 400 EX40
    Expedition 1900
    Exped. 1900 Ltd
    Expedition 1400
    Tektite Expedition Star
    Dorcy 8-LED
    Lightwave 3000
    Lightwave 4000
    Millennium 3 C.Guard
    Millennium 3 Military
    Novigear SL2 Flashlight
    Pelican Sabrelite Flashlight
    Super Tiger 9-LED Flashlight
    Trek 6000 EX60
    Aitec "Collimator" torches
    Arc AA Flashlight
    Arc AAA LE (PE)
    Arc AAA RGB
    Arc AAA Std.
    ATA Aluminum 4-LED Flashlight
    Belt Light
    Brinkmann Long Life
    Brinkmann Rebel
    C.C. Mini Trek
    CMG Bonfire Tent Light
    CMG Bonfire Blaze Tent Light
    CMG Infinity
    CMG Infinity Ultra
    CMG/Gerber Sonic
    Coleman Compact 3-LED Light
    Coleman Endurance 6-LED Light
    Dorcy 1-LED Flashlight
    Dorcy 3-LED Flashlight
    Dorcy 4-LED Flashlight
    Dorcy Cool Blue #1
    Dorcy LS Flashlight
    eternaLight Derringer
    eternaLight EliteMax
    eternaLight Elite X-Ray
    eternaLight Rave'n
    FL-04 Pocket Flashlight
    FlashLED 3 & 6
    Flashlight Tuner
    Energizer Folding Lant'n
    Inova X1 Flashlight
    PT Impact
    PT Impact II Flashlight
    LED-Club Flushlight
    LED Lenser V2 Flashlight
    LED Torch (ebay)
    Lightwave 2000
    Lightwave 2100
    Lumos LED Flashlight
    Mellert MasterLED x4
    Mini FlashLED
    Mini-Trek Flashlight
    MX5S Flashlight
    Nightbuster 8X
    Nightbuster Ledda
    Our Best Aluminum
    Peak 1xAAA 1xLED Brass Flashlight
    PLW-3 (New style)
    PLW-3 (Old style)
    Quantum 2000
    CMG Reactor
    S&W Galaxy
    3-LED Saber Flashlight
    ShoreLite Vx1 Flashlight
    Starlite 128 (Old)
    Starlite 213R
    Starlite 128R
    Squid Light
    Streamlight ProPoly 4-AA
    Streamlight ClipMate
    Teknolite Flashlight w/Trasers
    TSI 3-Way LED Torch
    TSI Three-Color Sliding Torch
    Stylus 3
    Trek 1
    Trek 2
    Trek 4 Ltd. Ed. Alum
    Turtlelite 1
    Turtlelite 2
    UK eLED Flashlight
    Unknown brand 3-LED Flashlight
    Coast Cutlery V12 Flashlight
    ASP Aspen
    Countycomm $1 Flashlight
    CMG O4 Mini
    County Comm Super Tough Light
    Princeton Tec Eclipse
    Gamma Ray
    Jewel Lite LED Flashlight
    Knife Lite
    Lightwave Pocket Bright
    Litepro Kee-Biner
    Litepro Quasar
    Lithium Micro Light
    Mirage Micro Light
    Photon 2
    Photon 3
    Photon Freedom Micro Light
    Photon X-Light
    Photon Rav'n
    PT Pulsar I
    PT Pulsar II
    Energizer Pocket LED
    'Presentation UFO'
    Sapphire (Asp)
    Swiss+Tech Micro-Light
    Tag Light
    Toollogic T1 Tech Light
    UltraSLIM Disposable
    Photon X-Light Rainbow
    Small Keychain LED
    Aluminum Keychain Flashlight
    KeyLED Original
    KeyLED New
    LED Lenser V1 Moon
    LEDSupply Keychain Lantern
    NeoGlo Keychain Flashlights
    Pelican L1
    Photonenpumpe V8
    Pocketlite Auto
    Toollogic TracLite
    AK-38 LED+Laser Light
    Arc 4+ Flashlight
    Arc-LSHP w/Fraen
    Arc LS Premium
    Arc LS Prototype
    Epoch 4
    Beam-Fire Quattro
    Fliklite Flashlight
    Inova 24/7
    Inova X5
    LEDXTREME LX-5 Flashlight
    LED-Lenser V2 Triplex
    Pelican M6 LED Flashlight
    S175 Luxeon Flashlight
    SureFire KL1 LS Bezel
    SureFire KL2 LED Bezel
    SureFire KL3 LS Bezel
    SureFire KL4 5W LS Bezel
    SureFire L1
    SureFire L5 Flashlight
    TNC Hyper Lux V
    TNC Splash Ano Flashlight
    Streamlight TL-2 LS Flashlight
    Superfire SF-101 Flashlight
    Supra Police Flashlight
    Acculux Rechargeable
    ALX-1213N Rechargeable Luxeon Flashlight
    Bulldog LED Flashlight
    Coleman Rechargeable 2-LED Light
    Free Light
    Free Light 2
    Micra Lithium
    Micro opto e-light
    Nightstar II LED Flashlight
    PAL Survival
    PAL OneStar
    Rigel Skylite Flashlight
    Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
    UView Rechargeable NUV Light
    Vector 4 NUV Inspection Light
    Vector 7 Rechargeable UV LED Light
    385nm 7-LED UV Flashlight
    2-in-1 Money Det.
    InReTECH MC395 NUV
    Mini Detector UV
    Mini Money Checker
    Photon 3 Violet/NUV
    UView Phazer Inspection Light
    UView Rechargeable NUV Light
    UV Starlight
    UV 'UFO' type 1
    UV 'UFO' type 2
    Wilycon UV Keych.
    Wilycon UV Pen
    AB Moonbeams Nightlight
    AB UV Glo Lite Mod
    Lambda's Ill Pill mod
    Lambda's Hydra
    Elektrolumens ElektroBlaster
    Fire~Fly Flashlight
    Gentle LED Birth Light
    Illuminator HD Flashlight
    Aragorn's Violet P3 Mod
    Ted Bear's 'ArcFinity' Kit
    Alaska Illum. Legend Mod
    Double Barrel 18
    Mini Illuminator Flashlight
    Lambda Illuminator (LS)
    Long Gun Illuminator (LS Mod)
    McLux LED Flashlights
    McModule PM6 Mod
    Micro Illuminator Flashlight
    Milky Candle
    Double Barrel LS Mod
    Pelican M6 6W NUV Modification
    Spider LED Bike Light Mod
    SBP (Super Baby Pin)
    Positron Laser
    Space Needle II
    Terra Destroyer
    Turbo-Mate Flashlight
    Quaggy Light
    EverLED Bulb
    Ever-Star LED Bulb
    Diamond LED Replacement Bulb
    InReTECH 2AA kits
    InReTECH MCWK White
    InReTECH Mega 6
    InReTECH Super 6
    InReTECH TriLight
    InReTECH TriLight-III
    LEDcorp PR bulb
    LEDCORP Epieon Bulb
    NewBeam Mini-Mag "Bulb"
    Night Pearl PR Bulb
    Pro Series 3 Bulb
    Avalanche 2 Headlamp
    Avalanche 6 Headlamp
    Black Diamond Gemini
    Black Diamond Ion
    Black Diamond Moonlight
    Dostone 5-LED Headlamp
    Energizer LED Essentials headlamp
    FrontaLED Trekker
    Fusion (LRI)
    Lightwave Illuminator.
    Novigear HM1 LS Headlamp
    Petzl Tikka
    Princeton Tec Scout
    Responder 4AA Headlamp
    Seven $1 Store Flashlights
    Bison Sportlight (2-C)
    Division 2 Responder
    Brinkmann Legend LX
    Docter Aspherilux 125
    Mag Lite (3-D)
    Mag Solitaire Flashlight
    Mini Mag (2-AA)
    Nordic 3-D
    Pelican M6
    Princeton Tec Surge
    SureFire Executive E2D Defender
    S&W Classic Combo
    SureFire A2 Aviator
    SureFire CPF-50
    SureFire E2
    SureFire Executive E2D Defender
    SureFire M2 Centurion
    TigerLight FBOP Flashlight
    Trek 200
    Trek 6000
    Trek Micralite
    UKE Mini (2-AAA)
    Light Cannon 100 HID
    Crate&Barrel Slim Light Rechargeable
    1xLED Keychain Flashlight
    Peak 1xAA 5xLED Gold Flashlight
    Energizer Trim Flex LED
    Peak 1xAAA 3xLED HA & Brass Flashlights
    OMBU 5W LED Flashlight
    Peak 1xCR123A 7xLED Brass Flashlight
    "Ceemore" 12-LED Flashlight
    Lightwave Infiniton Flashlight
    Sharper Image Ear Lite
    Eveready 2D Flashlight
    "Xnova" 1xAAA 3xLED Flashlight
    Guide Gear 12-LED Lantern
    Pelican 4300 Nemo 8C Flashlight
    SureFire L2 Digital Lumamax
    Nitestar 3W Luxeon Flashlight
    Vortex TC1 Flashlight
    PT Yukon HL Headlamp
    SureFire L6 Flashlight
    X8 LED Flashlight
    6-LED Flashlight/Laser Pointer
    Elektrolumens XM-2 Flashlight
    McGizmo's PR-917 Bezel
    Extended LED Search Stick
    Jesus! Anything you dont have man?
    1. Fenix L0P // 2. Fenix L1P + 2 stage mod // 3. Inova XO Titanuim finish // 4. SON OF ORB RAW // 5. Nuwai TM-310H // 6. Vortex Vision - KC1 // 7. ARC AAA Premium // 8.Night-Ops Gladius

    Katokichi Ichishiki CR2 Limited Edition // PEU NEOCA Brass // Mr Bulk LionCub
    JIL-Lite CR2 DD UP // Mr Bulk Chameleon

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