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Thread: list your lights

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Re: The LED Museum list

    SANTA MARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A flashdark is a device that projects a black circle upon (thereby obscuring) anything which is visually offensive. Surefire: E1e/KL1(2), E2L, E2e, E2C/P-61, KL2, KL3(1,2v3), KL4, L1-RD(1), L1-WH(1,2), L2(1), L4, L5, L6, G2, C2, U2, K2, M2, C3, M3, M3T, M6. Milkyspit: ML-1, MilkMite. Photon: Freedoms(WH/RD/TQ).

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    Hahaha Re: list your lights

    Boy, compared to some of you out there, I'm almost embarassed to list my lights.

    Here they are:

    Surefire M6-CB-XTN36-HDM6(3300mAh and 4800mAh)
    Surefire U2 Ultra
    Surefire C3/KT1/SW02 with 5W (WX0S) SFTH Tower Module
    McGizmo HD45 - 5W (XX1T)
    McGizmo 27LT (UX1K) with Ti Bezel
    McGizmo McLux III-PD (TY0J) with Trit and Ti Bezel
    McGizmo Aleph 3/6P Prototype
    HDS Ultimate 60 XRGT with Ti Bezel
    Lioncub NAT
    Exolion Ti (UXOJ)

    After the rechargeable solution for my M6, and McGizmo's next Ti-PD offering (and maybe also a Ti 27L-PD), and a Ti FF3 I think I'll give the wallet a little breather.... and stop for a year or so.... This is too many lights purchased over a span of 5 months....

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Even though that may not be a LOT of lights, those are some seriously nice lights you have. Sometimes quality is better than quantity.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WAVE_PARTICLE
    I think I'll give the wallet a little breather.... and stop for a year or so.... WP
    Wave, I've seen the threads you are in! I'd almost bet a PD you couldn't take a YEAR off

    Nice collection you are building

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Quote Originally Posted by EricMack
    Wave, I've seen the threads you are in! I'd almost bet a PD you couldn't take a YEAR off

    Nice collection you are building
    Hey EricMack,

    Perhaps you are right . If I take you up on your bet.... I would most likely be sending you a nice PD by the end of the year.....

    Come to think of it, you are in the same threads I'm in!!! you are in the same boat!

    Rscanady....thanks for your comments.... I'm being very careful on how I build my collection due to my limited funds!


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    Default Re: list your lights

    This is most of them. Not much money invested compared to many here. Thanks to my searchaholism and greenLED's EXCELLANT 'CPF Specials Page,' I paid less than retail for more than half of them. Most are favorites.
    • Photon Freedom Covert NV green x4
    • Photon Freedom Covert White x2
    • CMG Sonic-G
    • CMG Ultra-G x2
    • CMG Infinity Ultra
    • CMG Infinity blue/green LED x2
    • CMG Infinity green LED x2
    • CMG Infinity amber LED
    • CMG Infinity blue LED
    • Rigel MIL-Starlite Mini NV green
    • Pak-Lite Super x2
    • Pak-Lite MIL
    • Pak-Lite MIL green LEDs
    • NightCutter Sport 3 LED
    • NightCutter Sport 3 LED green
    • NightCutter Sport 5 LED green
    • NightCutter Chartlight 3 LED red
    • ARC AAA (old)
    • ARC AAA turquoise LED (old)
    • ARC AA
    • EL Hyper Blaster
    • EL XM-3, UCL
    • INOVA X03
    • INOVA XT5 HA III Nat
    • Tektite Trek2 2 LED green
    • Tektite Trek2 2 LED blue
    • Tektite Explorer 300 7 LED
    • HDS EDC Basic 60
    • IsaacHayes 3W Lux III ~495, O-Sink, M/\G 3C host, UCL
    • M/\G 3D InReTech 20x~400nm NUV module
    • M/\G 3D C series, UCL
    • Brinkmann 3xAAA headlight
    • Energizer Quick Switch
    • Tekna 222 2xAA dive light
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    Default Re: list your lights

    my poor collection of cheapies can't compare. Guess that's what happens when you have debt, a wife, a 3 year old, and another on the way...

    fenix l1p*
    dorcy super 1 watt cr123*
    River Rock 2xAAA*
    River Rock Headlamp*
    Energizer 4xAA folding lantern*
    sams element
    sams cyclops (currently MIA somewhere, think the 3year old grabbed it)
    Brinkman legend LX
    Stretch LED light (light/lantern)
    Dorcy 1 aaa LED *
    CMG infinity* (non ultra, great for going around the house without waking up the preggers wife or 3 year old)
    coast tac torch v2
    coast dual color tac torch
    energizer 4aa LED spot/LED flourescent combo light
    2aa minimag (not modded yet)
    3d mag (not modded yet)
    2 aaa minimag (not modded yet)
    solitaire mini mag (never use anymore)
    several other cheapie LEDs that I hand down to my daughter
    as well as one 4aa Disny Princess LED light I bought for her at Target when I got my super 1 watt. She's on the way already.

    all my EDC stuff has GID orings on it courtesy of Green_LED, need to order more of those.
    I think that's about it, probably a few others around, but nothing to write home about.

    I really want a 2 stage or more 2 cr123a light, maybe the nuwaii 3 watt one.. or the CPF special edition. But I really can't afford it right now. (I keep saying that)

    * == purchased after finding this place, because of this place.
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    Default Re: list your lights

    My humble collection.

    CMG Sonic
    Fenix L1P
    Fenix L1T
    HDS U60XR
    Nuwai QIII
    Nuwai X3
    Pelican PM6 3320
    Liteflux LF1.

    Man, good to see my humble collection is slowly growing.

    You guys hv all the exotic lights. I envy you all.
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    Default Re: list your lights

    Keep editing those lists, kids. I just added a Proton and Fenix P1.


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    Default Re: list your lights

    heres my collection, I forget what some are.

    7w golston (re-branded)
    5 led solar light
    Inova x5t red LED (my carry on)
    duracell 2aa hardcase led
    Hummer 3ledshake light.
    3AAA Garrity led (my first)
    Nuwai 21 led
    Radioshack dual mode fuorescent/incan
    anglehead army light (Led bulb candidate)
    no Surefires yet. I'm waiting for the Kroma.
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    Default Re: list your lights

    Lion cub
    Arc Ls
    Arc +p
    Hds b60
    Streamlight Stinger
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    Default Re: list your lights

    Here's my list. Total 67

    Most Used lights (26)
    Arc AAA premium
    HDS EDC U60 w/SSC P4 High CRI upgrade (by Tebore) and 2xcr123/1x17670 tube
    HDS/Ra Twisty 85-Tr and 1x19670 tube
    HDS/Ra High CRI Clicky Executive and 17670 tube
    Jetbeam Raptor RRT-0
    Jetbeam Jet III M with Warm emitter
    Liteflux LF2XT in black
    Liteflux LF2X (from KIT)
    LRI Proton Pro
    Novatac 85T
    Olight M30 Triton (from Monkeyboy)
    Peak Pacific (brass) w/SSC P4 (from Centropolis)
    Peak Matterhorn (stainless steel) w/3led
    Princeton Tec Apex Pro Headlamp w/SSC P4 upgrade (by Tebore)
    Quark CR123 Mini neutral white
    Quark Turbo AA2
    Quark AA Titanium (from kit)
    Quark RGB (from kit)
    Solarforce L2M Stainless Steel w/5 mode drop-in
    Surefire A2 green (4 flats)
    Surefire U2 (Milky modded with CreeMCE Neutral White)
    Surefire Kroma Milspec
    Zebralight sc50w
    Zebralight sc80w
    Zebralight H31Fw
    Zebralight H51w

    Other Lights (41)

    Brinkmann 1AAA
    Cree based super thrower
    Chinese Police Xenon Light 2xcr123
    Chinese Light with 9 White , 5 UV and laser (3AAA)
    Diamond Light High Gain 250 4xAA
    Dorcy Nichia LED w/ Focusing lens
    Duracell 2AA incandescent w/pull lantern head
    Eternal Shakelight
    Fauxton keychain LED (several)
    Fenix L0D-CE
    Fenix L2P (2) w/1AA and Cr123 bodies
    Fenix P2D
    Fenix E01
    Filzer UFO Light
    Garrity Keychain LED
    Generic 3LED, 3AAA headlamp
    Generic 3AA incandescent headlamp w/PR style bulb
    GreatLite 2AA Incandescent
    Inova 24/7
    Icon Modus 1
    Maglite LED 2D
    Maglite XL100
    Maglight Solitaire
    Motor Trends 5Million Candlepower
    Nitecore EZAA w/warm tint
    Nuwai Q3
    Nuwai TM-317X 1AA LED 0.5W Dual output
    Noma LED cranklight/5 LED 2 mode
    Noma LED cranklight/lantern
    Orb Raw w/green tritium
    Princeton Tec Tec 40
    Pelican 2AAA Mitylite
    Princeton Tec Attitude
    Princeton Tec Impact II
    Streamlight TL-2
    Surefire L1
    Surefire L2
    Surefire G2
    Sunforce 1M CandlePower Halogen

    Lights I gave away/sold (16)
    HDS/Ra EDC Executive - EDC 120E
    Fenix E0
    Garrity Multifunction Safety Light (Incan with LED flashers)
    Brinkmann Rebel LED
    Can-Pro 9 LED, 3AAA
    Chinese 12 LED 1AA
    Dorcy 2AA with 3-LED upgrade module
    Duracell 2D incandescent w/pull lantern head
    Gerber Mantis
    Jetbeam Raptor RRT-1
    Jetbeam Jet-I Pro IBS
    Maglite LED 2AA
    Nuwai TM-310H 1AAA LED 0.5W
    Planet Bike 3 LED, 2AA bike light
    Proton Rex
    Petzl Myo-3 Headlamp
    Surefire A2 white (Round body)
    Solarforce F-4 with CR123/AA battery tube and lantern attachment
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    I have multiple lights for each of Surefire, HDS/Ra/Novatac, Jetbeam, Zebralights, FourSevens, Fenix and some from other manufacturers.
    See my Lights #132

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    Popcorn Re: list your lights

    Mine are listed in my sig... next up will likely be a G&P Scorpion 500, then a McLux (also a Milkyspit mod to my KL3?):

    Surefire L1 HA RD and WH
    Surefire M2 w/ Detonator and P90
    Surefire L5 w/ 1st Gen KL3
    Wolf Eyes M90X 13v extender + bulb
    Wolf Eyes M100X turbo head
    Night Ops Gladius (black) w/ FM34 beamshaper
    River Rock headlamp
    Gerber Triode headlamp
    A few Mags w/ LEDs
    River Rock C cell (car)
    Energergizer LED tent lamp
    LEDBeam 3C
    Modded Dorcy 1AAA w/ UV LED
    Minimag w/ NightIze drop in (my 6 yr old son loves it)
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    A few favorite lights from: McGizmo, Data, milkyspit, HDS, and Surefire

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    Ohgeez Re: list your lights

    My measly collection:
    SPY007 serial #0224My pride and joy!!!
    Surefire Scoutlight
    Surefire M6-CB/ HD-M6 3300/4800mAh,XTN-36/BK
    Surefire U2
    Surefire L1 w/L2 Head and Electronics, bored for R123 (Milky Mod)
    Surefire L2 Canibalized to create above light
    Surefire 6P/A19/KT1,2
    Surefire E1L(new style LED)
    Surefire E1W x 2
    Surefire E2W
    Surefire E2D x 2
    Surefire G2 black x 2
    Surefire G2 yellow
    Surefire G2 tan
    Surefire G2 olive drab
    Surefire G2L
    Leef Body KL3 MilkyMod w/SW01
    Lumapower D-Mini x 2
    PierceLight M10I
    Brinkman Maxfire
    Mac's Custom's "The Torch"
    Maglight 3d
    Mini Maglight x 4
    Book of wet matches
    Birthday candles

    OK everyone has me beat... give me a few years.....and you guys stop buying so damn many lights.
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    The beatings will continue until morale improves!!!!

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Streamlight, several of each:: ProPoly 4aa 5-led, ProPoly 3c 10-led, ProPoly 4aa Lux, Propoly 3c Lux, Twin Task 3c, Twin Task 2d, TL-2, Stylus, Keymate, Luxeon Jr., Septor

    Nuwai: approx 2 of each:Q-III, Q-1, TM115, TM301, ALX233c, HLX712, ALX032L, ALX332L,ALX352, ALX253, ALJ012, ALJ213, AT100, CK120 lantern, and several models I can't remember the number for

    Inova: large quantities::X5 (all colors), X1 (old & new styles), XO, XO3, new style XO, T1, T2, T3 (incl red led and blue led), T4, 24/7, Victorinox models, and Radiant AA and Radiant C, HA-III X5s from Countycomm

    Pelican: large quantities:M6-2390 Ha-III, 2440 5-led, M1, M6 led, M3-2370 led, all led headlamps, VB3, L1-1930, L4-1830, 2010 recoil led, Versabrite, 2020 Sabrelite recoil led, 2410 Stealthlite recoil led, PM6-3330 polymer M6 led, 3610 recoil led, 8020 recoil led

    Gerber: several of each, Trio, LX3, TX3, recon

    Dorcy: 1AAA, 1AA, 2AA, you get the picture, plus several metal gear, 3D 1W lights, etc

    CMG: Infinity Ultra (several), Sonic-G, Ultra-G, Bonfire (yuk)
    Teknolite: about a dozen in assorted colors

    Petzl: Tikka Plus, Tikka XP

    Mag: several 2-D and a bunch of modules, 6 or so Mini-Mag running Terralux modules.

    Lazer-Brite: about a dozen

    Tektite: 400s, 700s, Expedition 1400, Expedition 1900

    PT: Attitude, Impact II, 400 equipped w/Everleds, Apex, EOS, Corona,and several others I can't remember

    Eveready: LED headlamps

    Osram: Golden Dragon lanterns

    UK: a bunch of 4aa ELed

    Squidlights: several

    Ledcorp: Turtlelite

    Elektrolumens: several 1-watt Anglelux

    Lightwave: 2100s, the 3C one and the 3d one (can't remember the model #)

    Arc: sold all of my AAA

    Peak: several lights, including a couple of their new Police/Tactical series (oops)

    Nightcutter: I bought the remaining inventory of NC003s, NC005s and P20s, totalling about 20 pcs

    Eternalight: several Derringers, 2 Elite X-Ray, 2 Ergo-something

    AND a HUGE sh*tload of onesies and twosies of assorted Hong Kong/Ebay LED lights I collected along the way, including a lot of the older Nuwai and Favourlight models from Golden Gadgets, and a bunch of other led llights (some belong in a museum, like the original Brinkmann "toilet paper tube" from Walmart)

    McGizmo DB400 and DB-700 powered Pelican M6s

    Golston 7W: 2

    fenix: just bought an L2T from 4sevens

    Pal Light/Safe light: several models
    Sorry, NO SUREFIRE
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    There will come a time when incandescent bulbs can only be found in a museum exhibit. LEDs !!!

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    Wink2 Re: list your lights

    Inova T5
    Inova T3
    Inova T2
    Inova T1
    Inova XO
    Inova X5(white)
    Inova X5(red)
    Inova X5(uv)
    Inova X1( old style)
    Inova X1(new style)
    Surefire E1L
    Surefire E2L
    Surefire L4
    Surefire L5
    Surefire E2D (2)
    Surefire E2E
    Surefire E1E
    Amilite T3
    HDS EDC 42GT
    Fenix E1
    Fenix LOP
    Fenix P1
    Fenix Civictor V1
    Fenix L1P
    Fenix L1T

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    Default Re: list your lights

    ARC: AAA-P (3), AAA-P (old model), AA, LSHF-P
    Fenix: L1P (2), L1T, P1 (2)
    HDS EDC: B42 XR, U60
    Inova X5 (old model)
    LED-LENSER V2 Lithium
    Longbow Micra (2)
    Maglite: 2D, Minimag, Solitaire
    Nuwai: Quantum III (2), TM-301X-3
    Peak: AAA-Lug Style (2), AAA-Key Chain (2), AAA-Key Chain 3LED (2)
    Pelican: M6 LED, MityLite Magnum 2AA, Stealthlite 4AA
    Petzl: Myo 3 Headl., Zipka Plus Headl., Tikka XP Headl.
    Streamlight: Clipmate, Stylus, Scorpion, Scorpion LED (2), TwinTask 1L
    SureFire: 6P, A2, E1e (2), E2o, E1L, E2L, G2Z, L1, L1 gen.2 (2), L2, L4
    UK: 4AA (old model), 4AA eLED, 4AA Diving Light (2), 2AAA (2), 2AAA Penlight

    All I want for Christmas is a HDS U85 XRGT with a Ti bezel, the SureFire Kroma, the 'new' ARC LS and a FF IV for primary CR123-cells
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    Default Re: list your lights

    Not many yet! but...

    Maglite 4D (before CPF)
    Inova X0
    Surefire L4
    Princeton Tec Apex
    And hopefully a K2 Stunner soon.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    I don't have the list in front of me, but I have about 70 as of today.
    Do something alone and it's weird, do it with others and it's a club.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    LOL i already posted I will just take this space to compliment those who have posted on their marvelous collections. Well done sirs

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Quote Originally Posted by kongfuchicken
    Craig, two words: you win.
    I agree... Craig answering this question is like Bill Gates answering a forum question titled "What would you do if you were rich?"

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Sheesh my little collection is no match for most on here...but I have the itch to keep they make medication for that?
    Mmmmm flashlights

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    Default Re: list your lights

    I have only been at this a couple of months:

    Coast Lenser (3AAA)
    Dorcy Super 1Watt
    Eveready LED penlight (2AA)
    Fenix L1P
    Gerber Infinity Ultra (my least fav)
    HDS Basic 42XR (on it way !!!)
    Photons (several)
    Surefire L1 with F04


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    Default Re: list your lights

    Don't really have a collection yet, this is all I have:

    2x Arc AAA-P (the new ones)
    Orb Raw NS
    Orb Raw Ti
    + some M*g's and other lights not worth mentioning

    I do have a few more that I'm waiting for though:

    Ti FF3 + 17670 body (pre-paid)
    Orb Raw Damascus (on the list)
    Orb Raw Ag (on the list for the next run)
    Another Orb Raw Ti from the next run, a smoothie (on that list aswell)

    I'll probably buy the new Arc LS and maybe a Ti-PD if there is another run of those.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    My collection is rather meager too with a good number no longer being used (my Tigerlight, Lionheart, G2Z, X5T-HA, Micra, Photons and TurboFlare take care of my needs) :

    -MiniMag (2)
    Synergy Design Group
    -TurboFlare-360 (2)
    Laughing Rabbit Inc.
    -Photon II - green
    -Photon II - red
    -X5T-HA (2)
    -Micra w/UCL, IMS S017XA, Ti clip
    -Mini TX0J/DB700* w/UCL, IMS S017XA, LB Impact head
    -Eco w/UCL, IMS S017XA
    -G2 w/ Pila 3.7v LA, G2Z bezel, Garrity Ozark clickie mod
    -G2Z P60 & P61
    -E-series w/ Pila 3.7v LA, L4 body, Z57, E2c adapter, M2 bezel
    McLux Custom
    -McLux TK EN L4 body/McE2S-Z52-60 ohm/IMS S017XA/TV1J/DB916*
    -McLux PR HA E2e body/McE2S-Nat HA-tailstanding-60 ohm/TWAK/DB750*
    Mr.Bulk Custom
    -Lionheart-HA3 Microprocessor 63 levels V.1 firmware/ UCL /IMS S027XA /pocket clip/TWOJ*** / Otokoyama HA3 body
    Tigerlight FBOP w/UCL Gen1 and standard battery pack
    -w/Gen4-LA and premium 2100mAh TL battery pack
    -(TL74)w/Carley RF1940-OP/WA01274 LA**
    -(TL11)w/Carley RF1940-OP/WA01111 LA** 1800mAh KAN **

    * Don McLeish (McGizmo) LED custom capsules
    ** Jim Sexton (js) custom lamp assembly / KAN battery pack
    *** Charlie Wong (Mr.Bulk) LED custom capsule
    Pila lamp assemblies and rechargeable litium ion batteries from Jon Burlison (JSBurleys)


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    Default Re: list your lights

    Anyone else?

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Wow, how things have changed for me in about six months...

    Sandwich Shoppe A19 XR-E w. Ti bezel
    MilkySpit ML-1 Cree
    MilkySpit "Chrononster" 1st Gen KL3 + electrolumens optic + WY0S + MC123 + L5 Body
    Surefire A2-RD
    Surefire Kroma (pending an upggrade to a Cree by MilkySpit)
    Surefire E1L
    Surefire A12+A21+Detonaotor- 2X17500 config for my Kroma
    Surefire LU-60 collar to run C-body heads on my Kroma
    Pelican: M11
    Pelican MityLite AAA
    1-AAA Dorcy LED w/380nm UV
    Minimag 3AA LED
    Mag3D with Sears Lux I
    MiniMag with Nite-Ize Drop-in
    River Rock 2C
    River Rock headlamp
    Gerber triode headlamp
    A bunch of Mag 2Ds and 3Ds

    Oops- Forgot
    Everready 2AA LED Lantern (Nichia)
    Bunch of fauxtrons
    A few Inova keyring LED lights
    A bunch of LED light sticks (got at Walmart)
    A bunch of LED disposable lamps- for backpacking/hiking
    A bunch of LED yellow flashing lights- mark campsite, emergency use
    An LED emergency beacon
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    A few favorite lights from: McGizmo, Data, milkyspit, HDS, and Surefire

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    Default Re: list your lights

    I don't wanna tell ya! You'll come looklin' fer me!


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    Default Re: list your lights

    Some really sweat collections. My whole collection consists of what I have bought since September this year:

    Fenix E1
    Fenix LOP SE
    Fenix P1
    Fenix L1T/L2T
    Led Lenser David 15
    Mini Maglite
    Photons CR2 Ion
    Orb Raw Ns
    Surefire L2
    Exolion Ti

    On their way:
    Fenix LOP Ti
    Fire Fly III Ti

    Soon to be purchased/on the list:
    Ti CR2 Ion
    V3 Gatlight
    Mc Cree XR19-PD

    I think thats it. Hard to remember when they arent right in front of you.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Here we go:
    1. Aleph 3 w/UW0H and 2 Stage Tailcap
    2. HD45 w/XX1T
    3. HD45 w/WW0T
    4. HD45 w/WW0T
    5. HD45 w/UX1K
    6. 27LT w/UX1K and Ti Bezel Ring
    7. 27LT w/UV1J and Ti Bezel Ring
    8. McLux III PD TY0J w/Ti Bezel Ring
    9. McLux III PD UV1J w/Ti Bezel Ring and H3 Green
    10. HDS EDC U60GT w/Cristoph's clip
    11. Surefire M6
    12. Surefire / Milky L1)
    13. Surefire U2 (A fine specimen)
    14. Surefire L2
    15. Arc AAA-P
    16. Fenix L2T w/CR123 Adapter
    17. Fenix L0P SE
    18. Fenix P1D CE
    19. Fenix P1D
    20. Fenix P1
    21. Jil CR2 DD
    22. Gerber IU in Black w/white LED
    23. Huntlight w/Cree (Inbound)
    24. Countless keychain LED's from LightHound
    25. Mag LED 2D
    1. Princeton Tec Quad
    2. Princeton Tec EOS
    3. Princeton Tec Scout
    4. Princeton Tec Aurora
    5. Petzl Tikka Plus
    6. Petzl Zippka
    7. Petzl Myo XP
    Maybe a few others but I cannot remember them. My list is conspicuously lacking titanium lights from McGizmo and contrary to my hopes for Christmas this year, I think it will remain that way for a while longer... I don't think my wife took care of this request

    I am eagerly awaiting Surefire's new offereings with higher output LED's. I am thinking specifically about the Kroma

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