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Thread: what do you use to make flashlight

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    Default what do you use to make flashlight

    is it lathe or mill? and where can ya get the cheapest good one?

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    Default Re: what do you use to make flashlight

    Lathe, Mill & Drill Press Along with this you will also need Grinding Wheel & Loads & Loads of Tools, Bits Etc....

    For Home use, Get a 7 X 12 or 7 X 10 Lathe, A Mini Mill .... and a couple of tools like parting, cutting, boring and a couple of drill bits ... also if you have a dreame'l tool ... that will be helpful. this is bare minimum to get started...

    Oh... some Aluminium, Brass Rods... to start with some thing... 1Inch Dia & 1 Feet in length should be sufficient for the beginning experimentation.

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    Default Re: what do you use to make flashlight

    You can get most of this equipment at "China West" (otherwise known as "Harbor Freight").

    Make sure it is OK with your neighbors and the fire department too.

    I guess it is assumed that you have a room with a concrete floor that can tolerate all the flying chips, oil, and noise that this kind of work produces. (I mean, this can create a soggy mess of oil and chips.) You will need an air compressor to blow the chips away from the machines, because the chips and oil tend to stick everywhere.

    I would suggest some kind of formal training. You need to know how to set the speed and the feed of the machines depending on the shape of the bit and the material you are working on, so that neither the bit nor the work disintegrates in your face.

    You also must know how to create and sharpen your own bits from tool-grade stock. When I used to work in a machine shop, they were routinely using brazing and silver-solder to attach their bits to a carriage. So, I guess you also need an acetylene torch.

    I'm sure the lathe-jockey members would have lots of other advice.


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