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Thread: Guaranteed citation . . .in some places.

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    Default Guaranteed citation . . .in some places.

    In many places in the US you can't have red and blue lights in the same "fixture" otherwise the local police will give you a ticket. So I guess I'm lucky I don't have this little guy over there right now.

    It started life as a National Panasonic BF-411 2xAAA pen light and a red/blue LED magnetic blinker from County Comm. The LED runs on 3 AG4s at 1.5V each. Well it just so happens that 3x N cells will fit nicely in the AAA light so I cut a good bit off the plastic bulb holder/bezel leaving enough to hold the LED blinker and still have enough threads to go back into the body. Because of the threads I couldn't cut it all the way to where it should've been so I crushed a small ball of tin foil into the LED base and it sticks there nicely. It also makes up the distance between the battery + and the LED contact.

    Now it will run for a very very long time and I don't have to think about the tiny batteries ever again. Makes a great "hey I'm over here" light when trying to hook up with friends.


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    Default Re: Guaranteed citation . . .in some places.

    I have a small black box with reds and blues in it. I has 2x 3LED holders from dorcy AA lights, one has 3 red and the other is 3 blue. The driver was salvaged from a cell phone stick on light. The beauty is the fast flash pattern, r-r-b-b-r-r-b-b. Almost stroby. I let my sister borrow it under the knowledge that police WILL NOT LIKE IT, and she was careful.
    But you let a cop see something like this when he has had a bad day...$$$$$


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