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Thread: Now I know why I love the fall

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    Smile Now I know why I love the fall

    Just got in after taking my MC 60 out for a spin, I haven't actually gotten to try it out outdoors after giving it a new life (with a WA 1160/Borofloat lens/new batterypack) as I live in the land of the midnight sun.
    But now fall is here, and it's getting dark...

    Went down to a open area/parking lot some hundred meters from my apartment and lighted up, wow was I impressed

    Even though it was raining I was a happy camper! This took me back to the days of playing "spy", hunting for the others with a small plastic 2xC-cell.
    I remember my grandfather gave me a "divelight" with rubberskin that was UberCool, and I also had a light shaped as a raygun that I had bought at a fare, I was king of the night then.

    Guess I feel the need for more now, a M@G-85 or maybe a MagHID...

    Damn you CPF!

    der skal Kugle til en ThrÝnder

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    Not fall here yet...... summer still has a grip on us with temperatures in the 90s till wednesday then the mid 80s finally.
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    Default Re: Now I know why I love the fall

    Longer nights, and the leaves are starting to fall so you don't have them blocking your beam throw.

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