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    Default *SOLD OUT* SF Z-57 Mod

    Edit March 7 2006

    EDIT 2005 Nov 22 JST
    Ready to ship

    Will PM the following people...

    with payment instructions soon.

    EDIT 2005 Nov 07 JST

    EDIT 2005 Oct 26 JST
    Parts have been ordered.

    - Design: Very close to the piece on the right...
    ...but made with minor refinements and much more precision
    - Material: Black Delrin
    - Price: $US 3.5 each + $US2.0 Ordinary Airmail anywhere in the world in a padded envelope.
    I do not intend to profit from this but do not want to make a loss either and reckon this will give
    me a little extra, no more than a few cups of coffee though
    - Shipping Target Date: Within 1 month. The machinist has his priorities and delays
    resulting from this is beyond my control.

    In order to keep the unit cost low, more than enough pieces have been ordered to cover
    those who initially showed interest. If some of you need more than you first stated,
    let me know. Please post your final order in this thread as I still cannot get accoustomed
    to the PMs with the new software (and the 100 messages limit!).

    Of course, new orders are welcome too.
    Anything can go wrong so I will not accept any payment until the parts are checked to
    work and are ready to ship.

    Thanks for your patience


    After receiving more requests and enquiries I was prepared for, I am considering to ask a machine
    shop to CNC some of these from aluminum, and if possible Hard Anodized. Wait! Delrin seems a better idea after all.

    Prices are to be kept as low as possible and besides actual costs, I do not intend to profit from this.

    I need a rough idea of how many should be made, or if there is too little interest to go ahead with this project at all.
    Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Replaced the stock retaining ring (seen in 1st pic) with a custom made tailguard.
    The ring prevents the light from accidentally switching on, but makes it difficult to activate unless you use the tip of your index finger. Brass adds weight too, but looks rather nice

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