I picked up the GP-4L radio with built in light from county comm some time ago and after using it a while, I find it to be a very good product. In fact, I'd say it is designed better and out performs products costing significantly more money. It can be had for only $20 here:


Mostly, I'm impressed with the size (its very compact, uses 2 AA batteries for nice long runtimes), its sound quality (though small, this thing can get LOUD and does so without major distortion), and its reception (better than many other portable radios I've used). While it doesn't have digital memory presets, the tuning dial is linked with the digital display, so you can easily and quickly find the station you are looking for- its actually more convenient than digital scanning for just searching for something to listen to. I haven't really experimented with the shortwave reception yet, but its cool that it's an option.

As for the light, well, its kind of a gimmick, but it works (and what CPFer doesn't like another shiny LED tacked on to something). Its quite on the blue side, and not very bright, but would definitely do the job in an emergency. Countycomm lists this as a "regulated" light, but also states that it has a 70 hour runtime. With 2 AAs, I would believe maybe 30-40 hours at most, but I'd love for someone with a meter to actually check it out.

If I were to improve this already amazingly good product, I'd maybe slap in a Nichia CS LED, making the light more of a funtional feature rather than just a backup. I'd also love to see them use a switch that lets you use the light WHILE you listen to the radio, but its just a minor quibble (of course, I'll always have another light anyway ). Forget going to Radioshack; anyone in need of a small radio will get more than their money's worth with the GP-4L.

A quick question: does anyone know if NiMH and Lithiums are ok for this unit? I figure lithiums probably are since it says that it takes voltage between 3 and 4.5 volts. Not sure if the rechargables would have enough voltage to run it properly though.