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Thread: Dual Light Holster

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    Default Dual Light Holster

    Does anyone know if a holster is made that will carry 2 lights at the same time?
    Specifically, I want to carry both the L4 and the e2L at the same time. I find that the surefire v21 holster is a bit bulky and oversized for theses lights and I really dont want to wear 2 of those holsters at the same time.
    That v21 holster goes a long way toward defeating the purpose of carrying a small light. Is there something better (smaller & more compact) out there?

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    Default Re: Dual Light Holster

    I am fairly new here, and not familiar with all the flashlight names. But, I am sure that if you look at different balistic nylon dual magazine pouches, different caliber magazine pouches should be different sized you might find something that would help you .

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    Default Re: Dual Light Holster

    Take a look at the Nite Ize "Pock-Its". It will hold my L4 (very tight) and my VIP and many other things.

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    Default Re: Dual Light Holster

    I'm not well up on torch sizes so this may not help but how about a maxpedition twin tube sheath

    review here

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    Post Re: Dual Light Holster

    Check out Ripoffs here:Ripoffs
    They make a number of two and even three pocket holsters. They are mainly intended for a flashlight and a multi-tool, but I don't think the holster police will care if it use them for two lights.

    Also look at their CO-105. It is a double mag holster for large Glock mags. I think the E body lights might fit.


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