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Thread: Shooting picture of light!

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    Default Shooting picture of light!

    Hi. How do you use digital camera or pro camera to shoot pictures that flashlights are "light Saber" a like. With single long beam coming out??

    I just shot mine maglite.....failed big time. The dark room just got all bright beam at all.

    how exactly company or you guys shoot those "light Saber". Pictures??

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    Default Re: Shooting picture of light!

    You will usually need something in the air such as smoke, mist, fog, dust, or the like to make the beam visible. Next you will want to set the shutter speed on the camera to a longer time (try about a second with the camera set to shutter priority mode), and make sure to use a tripod (preferred if you have one) or set the camera on/against a solid object. This should get you on your way to capturing a lightsaber beam.

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    Uhm. probably with super high powered lights outside where there is water vapor or pollen/debris in the air.

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