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    Of Your Lamps, Which is Your Favorite and Why?

    Lots of interesting replies to this thread. Fresh Light, I'm not familiar with the HL 55 but it looks like a nice lamp. My own headlamp collection has certainly grown in the 4 months since this thread began! Favorites have changed slightly: 1. Zebralight H600F (back on top) 2. Petzl Tikka...
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    Zebralight plans MKIII's and SC63 release for this year

    I was thinking the same thing. I look at the 1x18650 lights that have come out more recently, and think the SC600 MkII L2 is still the superior light.
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    Neutral night reading lamp for friend at hostel

    I've become addicted to reading with a headlamp. Love markr6's suggestion.
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    Dream Lights...

    As I understand the criteria, they are: Small, EDC'able Moonlight mode Reasonably high max output Able to run alkaline, lithium and lithium ion AA's Also able to run lithium and lithium ion CR-123's Runs on one battery at a time. Affordable Water resistant Not sure I'd call it a "grail"...
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    Tell Us What Do You Use Your HeadLamp For?

    My headlamps are used every single day for: - watching the dog roam around the backyard at night (he is always looking for weak spots in the fence so he can visit the neighbors' dogs) -- combination spot/flood from Petzl Tikka RXP works great for this; and - reading. Nothing beats that...
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    Some notes on reliability from a flashlight user

    +1 to Poppy and Ven, except it is beyond silly to draw such conclusions. Especially in a forum that might, just might, have a few preconceptions when it comes to reliability. It is even silly to assume that simple will be more reliable than complex. Unless your '74 Pinto was more reliable...
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    Anyone pocket EDC a 2xAA light?

    Sweet! Hope you enjoy.
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    Cheers to Vinhnguyen54

    Only 1 experience with Vinh to date, but it was ideal. Great communication (how rare is that in this hobby?!), very helpful, and a great light to boot.
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    How much does one have to spend for quality?

    This might not be everyone's experience, but of the four lights in my collection with which I have had issues, two were the same relatively inexpensive model and the other two were lights costing well over $200.00. The only light I have ever had actually fail was a >$200 light from a "premium"...
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    Anyone pocket EDC a 2xAA light?

    UC35 does look nice. Nothing wrong with 2xAA, but I suspect you'd prefer something shorter for EDC once you tried it. So many nice options out there these days for EDC, the mind reels. Quarks are great, lots of Fenix models, the rechargeable baton series Olights, the Zebralights …. and that's...
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    Anyone pocket EDC a 2xAA light?

    No problem. AA is a convenient battery size, no question. Re: the S-15, its button protrudes a little high and is susceptible to accidental activation. That plus the 2xAA format (length) keep it out of my pocket. The newer rechargeable Olight baton series has a more recessed switch that is...
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    Anyone pocket EDC a 2xAA light?

    +1. Some mighty small 18650 lights out there these days. btw I have an Olight S-15. Very nice light, but I wouldn't put it in a pocket.
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    Pocket 1x18650 thrower for walking country roads at night

    +1 to Grizzman's suggestion. Get a stock TX25C2 or S200C2 and, if it doesn't meet your needs, send it to Vinhn. He is really easy to work with and his mods are truly impressive. Re: the SC600 "blinding" you at close-up stuff, you know a double-click from Hi 1 gets you to a Hi 2 level of 670...
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    Pocket 1x18650 thrower for walking country roads at night

    Look for the vinhnguyen54 sub-forum on this website, then go to the thread for the Eagletac TX25C2 pocket throw king. Sounds like what you're looking for. Slightly off topic, but the step-down from High 2 to Medium 1 on the ZL SC600 can be as little as from 162 to 70 lumens… all depends on...
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    Just got my first Surefire E1L-A the emitter isn't centered :(

    If you're not satisfied with the beam, tint or anything else about a $200 light, then I'd follow the suggestions above and contact Surefire. I have three $200 plus lights (none of them Surefire originals), and two had issues: one green tint, one just didn't work. Sent them both back. With...