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Aloha from Maui and great to see another flashlight enthusiast in the islands!

Great score on the Cosmos a really amazing light for its size. Payment can be sent to my PayPal account at [email protected] Shipping goes out Wednesday and Friday this week

Thanks Dan
Payment is sent and address on PayPal is correct. Thank you!
Thanks for the quick payment. I'll get it boxed up tonight and shipped out tomorrow during my lunch break. I'll follow up shortly after with the tracking information.

Aloha, Dan
Malkoff camo

Hi, I have a Malkoff green camo, purchased directly from Gene when brand new. They are incredibly rare. Your offer?


Malkoff camo.jpg
Favorites: FWAA, FW1AA, D4V2, GTMini, Manker E14III, MC13, E05Cu, Sofirn SP10 Pro
One other question - the 808 in your name - Jay, Dan, Don, and Jackson are the only 4 I'm aware of in HI - are you one of them?
I could jokingly say I'm Jackson's alter ego... but in fact I am his friend and loyal customer. My avatar is a Reylight Ti LAN 219B he sold me, my favorite small light.