Started adult life as a musician and SCCA Autocross racer, and somewhere along the line ended up becoming The Man... Now a decade long LEO, formerly in Denver, Colorado now SW Virginia. Many years as a meth lab specialist and currently part of a regional meth lab task force. Self admitted gear-o-holic. ABS Apprentice Bladesmith... if its black and has velcro, I'm in.

Anything that lights up, slices, dices or is black and has velcro!!
Abingdon, VA
'The Man'
Favorite incandescent light
Good old ROP. What got me started in this in the first place...
Favorite non-incandescent light
My Maratac Copper AAA
Favorite Dealer
County Comm (I know they have had some bad press with the general public, but their stuff for the Govt is right on track.)
Favorite Manufacturer
I'm just an old Surefire junkie, wastin my time, wastin my money! (If you missed the country song reference, my apologies..)