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    For Sale Many Miscellaneous Lights and Light Bundles

    Make a package deal on 2, 5, and 10. $110 for all three. Also throw in the Acebeam Pokelite in the pictures. Obviously, if someone jumps in prior, I will have to modify the offer. Thanks, Mark
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    For Sale Many Miscellaneous Lights and Light Bundles

    Waiting on Dave the Dude as far as #4, 123a. Beamshots on max Top left is Reylight Pineapple Nichia 219b, 4500k with 14500 cell Top right is #4 Skylumen 123a Bottom left is Reylight pineapple Nichia 519a, 3000k with 14500 cell Bottom right is #2 Skylumen EagTac Distance to wall was 12 feet.
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    For Sale Many Miscellaneous Lights and Light Bundles

    I don’t have actual numbers, but I can tell you that both are easily twice the perceived brightness of stock. As far as candela, no numbers, but (if you are familiar with HDS lights) number four has a tighter hotspot, very similar to my HDS NB40. Number 2 has a wider hotspot similar to my HDS...
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    Which AA LED lights currently owned are your favorites?

    Focusworks E2. Modified it with a new reflector, Nichia 519a, 4500k tint, and programmable firmware. Love the fact that it has got to be the easiest to modifify light I own, and Focusworks finishing of the body is on par with any of my customs.
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    For Sale Many Miscellaneous Lights and Light Bundles

    Several lights that I purchased over the last couple of years to try out that need new homes so I can pursue more lights. All have seen some pocket time, so none are pristine, but all work great. Payment via PayPal goods and services. 7. SPF Wurkkos TS10 Bundle. One is 5700k and the other is...
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    Malkoff MDC AA using 2.4vdc battery

    Unfortunately, I don’t have instruments to quantify output. My observations are based on qualitative comparisons between two different lights placed alongside each other, or illuminating a known object at a known distance with a single light in different configurations.
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    How did you end up in the flash light hobby?

    For me the search for the ultimate carry light began in 1991, while clearing low light areas without power. I realized the standard issue lights (two d cell batteries and an incandescent bulb) served poorly when searching for hazardous items and conditions. What started as a hunt for a better...
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    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Mine just arrived, same with the 18350 battery compartment and the NLT. Definitely my new favorite outdoors. For indoors, I still prefer the larger hotspot of the Samsung or the XPL options. Looking forward to the longer battery life achievable using 18350s, but the HDS is so efficient that...
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    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Gave up one ever getting one with the 18350 tube, so ordered a new HDS with the 18650 tube instead. Then the 18350 option shows up. Spent a couple of days telling myself I didn’t need another HDS and that having one with the 18650 tube means I really don’t need the 18350. Then yesterday I...
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    Sold/Expired Malkoffs, Jetbeam and Acebeams

    Jetbeam and Acebeams have been sold. Still have some Malkoffs.
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    Sold/Expired Malkoffs, Jetbeam and Acebeams

    Clearing out a few to finance my next purchase. All are in perfect operating condition. Price is via PayPal, includes first class shipping to anywhere within the USA. Sold Malkoff VME with 18650 battery tube and M361N-LMH Neutral Low-Med-High drop in - Anodizing is good and none of the...
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    Sold/Expired HDS Executive 325

    SOLD HDS Executive 325 lumen, with the wider angle beam (from the HDS site) This LED produces a calibrated 325 lumens. The beam pattern is somewhat wider than our normal beam patterns due to the larger emission area of this LED. The cool white output is around 6200°K, making it somewhat cooler...
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    Sold/Expired Added HDS Executive, HDS, Novatac, Foursevens, Jetbeam and Olights

    Glad they arrived safe and sound. I don’t have a way to measure the lumen output, but it seemed easily matched the throw of my s2r baton2, which is rated at 1000 lumens.