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    Flashlight review turns serious.

    Good story indeed. Very caring of you to join the search party and help. Good pple! But good light....? Thanks for sharing!
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    V10R or V10A Neutral/HighCRI

    HCRI Any idea when this would be available?
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    Warning do not carry exposed batteries in your pocket.

    Re: Hot pocket!!!! thanks for the safety heads up
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    Even tho the light failed, Im really glad for you that Olight did their part to fix it under warranty. Lights are never gonna be perfect.
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    Why are HDS (RA) lights so popular?

    Re: Why do you guys like HDS (RA) lights so much? Are the HDS lights, specifically the new rotary R1S, emitter swappable when the user knows nothing about modding? This light has my interest, and it be nice to know that the light can be "upgraded" in the future.
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    Broken Nitecore EX R2?

    ouch...that hurts. sorry to hear. you couldnt get any customer service from where you purchased the light? i've been running my ex Q5 every day since i first got it, and its been very reliable (except for the SS bezel breaking once). it was from the first batch that came out. its a great...
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    First and last li-ion light

    Which charger are you referring to?
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    I regret to inform you...

    my prayers go out to you and your family. :grouphug:
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    What are your 3 best lights?

    EX10....overall a great and easy to use edc light...perfect size. Deree CL1H SD WH R2....awesome light. Fenix L2D....classic. I only have 4 lights to choose from. The other is one is the Eagletac T10LC2 warm emitter. Its a good light...but I TRUST the other ones more. Looking to try the...
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    My new M2C4!!!

    thats pretty damn nice of Mike to wrap that for you. :thumbsup: to PTS. Hope you enjoy your light!
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    Won a Fenix P3D Olive Off Ebay

    i just picked up the p3d ce, and have been using it on rcr123s for the past 2 weeks. it doesnt seem to have any issues. fenix doesnt expand on what battery types their lights work on, but as many of us know, we can use ni-mh and lithiums on many models. just do your research before hand to...
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    TA30 review : updated, it was not a breakdown

    Re: TA30 breakdown!!!! hyperloop...glad to see youre running the light through its paces, as it is suppose to be a impact resistant light. keep up posted. and thanks for your efforts as well!! :popcorn:
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    There are fiber on my new TK20's reflector

    im sure the dealer u got it from would replace it for you...however, is it worth the time, effort, and cost of shipping? probably not if it doesnt affect the performance of the light.
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    *Review* NeoFab LegionII

    this legionII looks very promising. thanks for doing this great review! :thumbsup:
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    Rat Izula Thoughts

    i dont have any experience with RAT's knives, but i must say that their entire line of knives seem awesome. the company looks solid, and they offer a warranty that cant be beat. im looking to get the rc-6 real soon. let us know how it is if u end up getting the izula. u might find the info u...