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Thread: I found a pocket clip for my Eiger

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    Default I found a pocket clip for my Eiger

    I was rooting around in a cigar box of old pens and I came across a Parker Big Red from the 1980s, I think. As soon as I looked at it I thought, I wonder if this clip could work on my Eiger as it attaches in the same fashion as the Moddoolar clip for the Logan.
    The clip fits perfectly but it is made of much thinner and cheap material. It does what I want it to i.e. make a shirt pocket carry more convenient. I carried an Eiger with the clip attached all weekend without mishap but I'd like a stronger grip on the pocket, so I am still hoping Oveready comes out with one soon.

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    Default Re: I found a pocket clip for my Eiger

    Check out this thread. I've been waiting on Overready for a clip for my HDS for some time and don't expect one any time soon. They took them off their site all together after not having them in stock for many months.

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    Default Re: I found a pocket clip for my Eiger

    Thanks for the Link, OCD. Those clips look good.

    Update: I bought one, hoping it would work on my SS Logan 17500, but knowing I could always use it on an Eiger if it didn't.
    The clip arrived today and works fits on my Logan perfectly.
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