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    Only had the Touch800 for less than a year; so can't really say more about the long term reliability of the touch/swipe switch. Compared with the Niterider Lumina Flare & Lezyne Meg Drive that I had for a few years - the swipe switch is really nice to use. Just like the other lights; Touch800...
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    I think this might be one of the first; if not the first time a test was done with dynamo & battery lights tested at the same time. I've seen photos & videos of each by themselves. But with this video; I'm attempting to show how both lights compare to each other side by side: <span...
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    High Vis and strong side vis rear bike light

    Top to bottom - helmet mounted Niterider Lumina Flare is mine. Knogg Blinder 4, Cateye Rapid X2 and Light & Motion VIS 180 Micro were borrowed: Rear lites test, East River path NYC by 1nterceptor, on Flickr Rear lites test, Timessquare NYC by 1nterceptor, on Flickr Top to bottom: Helmet...
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    NITERIDER SOLAS 150 TEST All media were shot with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. Big thanks to BFold of New York City for lending me some of the lights used on this test. 0:14 Left to right: Cygolite Hotshot Micro, Light & Motion VIS 180...
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    I am looking for a Bike light with a remote switch like the Niteye B20
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    Show us your bike light set-up

    Lights on my Brompton by 1nterceptor, on Flickr Lezyne Mega Drive on handlebars, Cygolite Hotshot Micro and Hotshot Pro on seatpost, NiteRider Lumina Flare 650 front and rear light on helmet.
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    Blitzu 168T test, can I borrow your lite?

    Hi folks; this came in today. Manufacturer claims 168 lumens; not too impressed with initial tests: Blitzu 168T I'm at the office so the only other light I have here is a Cygolite Hotshot Micro, claiming 30 lumens. Side by side; the Micro looks brighter. But the 168T's beam is more spread out...
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    Favorite red light
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    Need 18650 charger in New York City

    Thanks for all the help! I went to B & H after work with my folding bike. It was my 1st time there. At first security kicked me out; said no bikes allowed. But on my way out; the staff made me squeeze my bike inside a big shopping bag and let me leave it by the bag check in area. I ended up...
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    Need 18650 charger in New York City

    Hi all! After about 3 years of use; my cheap charger has stopped working. Can anybody please tell me a place in the New York City area that sells a charger. Or maybe somebody wants to sell me an extra charger they’re not using? Nothing fancy please; 1 or 2 bays. I know I can order one from a...
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    Xeccon Geinea front and rear light combo
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    Headlight and taillight for night riding?

    This is my current setup right now, has a very good run time and waterproof. ;)
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    Xeccon Geinea front and rear light combo

    Just got this 2 weeks ago. New light on the market, maybe some might find it interesting. Front and back light runs off the same battery pack; has a remote switch to change settings on the fly.
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    Just finished up my bikelight a few minutes ago

    Looks interesting. What are the dimensions? Batteries are inside the enclosures?
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    red LED or red filter?

    Solarforce P4 drop-in with a L2 body, should fit the 6P: XML T6 with red filter:

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