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  • Alvin,

    First, as you may remember, I sent back my first Maelstrom G5, however I ordered a replacement and it should be here by tommorrow. If you are still interested in the G5 at some point, I found a retailer in my home state of Michigan who sells them for less than anyone I've found so far, except that I had to pay state sales tax. You would actually pay less than me and I'm only two hours from the retailer!

    Second, as I recall, you have the Catapult V2 primarly for throw, is that right? If so, when you did your research before you bought, did you include the Tiablo A10/A10-G for comparison? What factors did you use to make your final decision? Thanks!

    Hope all is well with you,

    I neglected to thank you a while thank you!

    Now, did you get the G5 yet? I want your impressions, especially about the hot spot issue I raised earlier. I think it needs a LOP reflector. But before I call Simone, I want to get others feedback.

    Also, I would lobby for an optional shrouded (possibly crenulated) tail stand with forward clicky similar in style to the EagleTac T20C2 MKII (not the crenulated part) that won't impede the purpose of a tactical clicky for LEO's.

    I hope all is well with you,
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