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  • Hi long time no texts
    Javier im not a light maker and im not a light collector but I am a wreck diver who takes diving seriously. Of all the many lights I have ever used only Barbolight and particularly the 15 series have had the real feeling of an indestructable light that will be there when you really need it, and at times that becomes a life saver.
    One of my U-15s spent 2 months on the bottom of the english channel at 75M lost forever I thought till by chance a diver found it and sold it back to me for £200 a price I felt well worth while, It worked perfectly ever since and still has the marks of the crustacea that had taken to living on it to this day.
    I hope that at some point you decide to restart building them again with the same quality as ever. Hope your season went well
    And happy and safe diving for the future
    Dear Javier,
    I could point you in the right direction...
    what does this mean?
    Does you founded a new company?
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