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  • I have used the Fenix L2D/L1D and 4sevens Quark Turbo (with single AA body) as helmet lights and have not noticed any rattles from the batteries. Of course, having it mounted on your helmet will keep the vibration damped so that might have something to do with it. If you are having a rattle problem with the light you have now, take a piece of paper and wrap the batteries so they fit in the tube tighter. That should stop the rattles from the tube.

    I know from reading some of your other posts that you like to ride your bike and have tried a bunch of different lights. How do these better quality lights like Fenix or you EagleTac P20A2 do with the batteries bouncing around in the battery tube? I bought my wife a cheaper 2AA light and the batteries rattle around...and make so much noise that it would drive me nut. She has never noticed :)
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