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  • I saw your post on Marketplace about the S12. Silly me, I didn't realize I had to register over there as well. Anyway..........$165 shipped? I'll take it. Just let me know how you'd like payment.

    Thanks, Mike
    I am leaving for vacation later this month, and have a new R5 Olight M30. I would be willing to ship it if you want to add it to your library...As long as the turn around is 12 days or so, I shouldn't have need for it for about that long. This is a primary duty light.

    Jose, 15 meters is over 45 feet away. Where were you able to do that? That's like the entire length of your apartment from the bedroom back wall to the couch? Were you really doing 15 meters or 15 feet? Data looks impressive.

    I am guessing your still not working? Wish I could be there for all the exciting fun in testing. May build another 16 inch sphere. Gary
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