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  • Can't wait to get my tri edc your work is amazing. Keep up the great work. What you do is a dying art but you prove it can still be done.
    Sir, you make the most impressive and outstanding lights I've ever seen. I am fortunate enough to own one and it is my absolute favorite light. I would be honored if you would be my friend. Thanks.
    I recieved the drop in you sent and it works great. I just need to get some nimh so I can see what this thing is capable of.

    I liked how you put the 6 holes in the face instead of the typical two, it really dresses it up.

    Have a Good Thanksgiving,

    ok thanks for the information for the 1D mags
    So in total it would be $60 (1D Mag Host) + $36 (International shipping) = $96
    Hmm..ok..to which address can I paypal you? And what color hosts do you have available?
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