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  • Hi, I sent you back a brass Iger 10180 that was dimming. Could you please send back to me? Thanks,John Williams
    1525 Circle Ave
    Forest Park, Il
    Hello sir,

    I don't really know much about your lights so I was wondering if you can recommend a light for me. I'm interested in a single AA powered light that will have a regulated output for most of the time and when the battery starts to get depleted the light will operate in reduced power. This way when the battery starts to die I won't be left in the dark and will have some warning that the battery is getting low. Direct drive would be fine also.
    I really would prefer a warm tint, something like a Q4 5B. I also would prefer a floodier beam.
    My goal is to have an ultra reliable AA light that is very efficient, warm tint, floodier beam, and somewhere around 10 -15 lumens and also take Alkaline, NIMH, and lithium batteries (L91).

    Please give me a rundown of which model, LED type, power level, and any other information that you would suggest for the light I would like to own.

    Thank you.
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