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  • hey! if this is the same draven as the one on cpf i just responded to your pm. if it is not you i apologize :)

    i found you on here because it looks like you frequent this site more. so the message i sent you on cpf is as follows

    hey! im so sorry for the delay. i have been out of the country with no internet. not as bad as it sounds because i was in the bahamas. :)

    an offer you cant refuse... hmm well im a little tight on money at the moment but i really do want this light. i saw them selling for 120-150 when they were selling so how about 200+shipping???

    what do you think.

    also im leaving the country again on tuesday so i will check this daily but here is my cell if it is easier/quicker for you 301 467 1596. text or call is fine :)

    hope to talk to you soon!
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