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  • I have sent you 3 emails asking for help identifying a light you sold me. I need HELP What is the best way to contact??
    I'm trying to find and or make a extension tube for a c cell maglite and thought you might be able to help? Could you make and or refer me to someone that could make a 2 cell extension, and or could you direct me to the tap and die I would need to machine one myself?
    Thank you
    Hi Fivemega,

    Idea for extra short Mag 1C host for single 26650 battery:
    1) Cut EXTERNAL tailcap threads after shortening tube. Make new shorter tailcap from scratch to match.
    2) Shorten front-end of battery tube by about 1/4 inch to accomodate deep MagLED reflector.
    3) Shorten head at tapered end to shorten overall length of flashlight.
    Hi Fivemega:
    Do you still sell the GX5.3 socket adapter? I have been looking for something that will help me drive my 12V MR-16 bulbs.
    Hey Fivemega,

    I've got a little question for you...
    I suppose that you don't have any 2S3P 18650 adapters lying around that you might want to sell?
    If yes, what would be the price for 2 of those and if no, then do you know someone that is selling them?
    Thanks in advance!

    Wanted to know if you had any 9AA to 3D adapter for stock bore mag lites? Also looking for metal bi-pin adapter and WA1185 and an aluminum reflector.

    Let me know what you have instock.

    Looking to build a mag85

    Thanks, Nick
    Have you ever tried to go 4S instead of 2S2P in your 2.5D Dual Bored M*g Host?

    Was thinking about putting a triple XM-L Mag together with 4 18650 Lithium cells, but because of the driver they need to be in series

    5. It should be designed for throw as I already have a headlight for riding.
    I know there isn't much room for modifying, but anything better than TL 1200 will be ok.
    Your main payment option is PayPal. I don't have much there. It will take around 5 days for the transfer. Credit card will be immediate payment. Whichever you prefer.

    Can you do it? If not, what is the closest one that you could make?
    Hi fm,
    I need to break it into 2 messages. It reports there's more than 1000 characters.
    This is first
    Need a light for both, a mountain bike and handheld. And you might help with that.
    1. No need for a mount.
    2. It needs to be close to Tesla TL 1200 in size and weight.
    3. More lumens if possible, with at least 1h runtime. More is better.
    4. The lowest level needs to be around 50lm for reading. 10lm would be ideal.
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