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  • Hi Glenn7,

    Have a dedomed VP2000 myself. One of your posts brings up a couple questions...

    How much affect does the FM 2.5" Throwmaster have on the dedomed beam? Does it increase throw even more?

    You said you are running 4Ds...Where did you get an extension for the mag tube?


    Hey,Glenn7 !
    I write to you because you are one of very few Persons who I know have had both The EL Firesword and the Varapower 2000 , and can compare them.I am now on the September List for a new VP 2000, but havent yet decided to go for the domed or dedomed Version.I dont need another Light with the Beam characterisitic of the Firesword, but would like something with a lot of Throw as well.You are the only one I know of who has tried the dedomed version.How does it compare to the FireSword ? Do you know how this dedoming will effect on the Longevity of the LED?Have you compared the domed with the undomed Version? What about the CBT-90, instead of dedoming a SST-90?
    I hope it can be used for extended time at about half Power without serious overheating issues.I use my Firesword alot, but miss the Throw here. I really would appreciate if you find time to answer these questions!

    Greetings and best wishes from Norway !!

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