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  • This is a really old message but the forum has had problems lately.

    I'd either use Rigid Industry Dually or D2 Duallies; if he wanted even more "flood" effect than they offer, I'd use a pair of Truck-Lite 4" floods.

    If he doesn't mind them burning out a little early, DDM Tuning has small square and small round floods right now that are very affordable.
    Hello Hilldweller,
    I'm sorry to bother you, but you seem to be knowledgeable about outfitting ATVs and other off-roading vehicles with "extra" lights. My friend and I want to add lighting to our ATVs. He has a Yamaha Rhino and needs reasonable flood lights for use in the Rhino's dump bed. (He recently replaced his stock bulbs with HID bulbs.) Also, we both want to add lights that will provide a great mixture of flood and throw for driving, with flood being the most important for peripheral views. We want to make educated choices the first time around. Would you be willing to give us some advice? Have I given you enough info for what we're after? I don't know what to say our budgets are since I really don't know what can be expected from any given price.

    I searched in CPF forums, but most recent topic-related threads include discussion of modding & building off-road lights. I'm not advanced enough to do that.
    Thanks so much for any assistance you may provide us.
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