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  • Hi mate
    I just purchased an Aquaram off Don and the members on here tell me you are the man to see about ordering an AW 18650 battery and a Pila charger to go with it. Are these suitable ? Any recommendations ? Also i am in Australia if that helps
    Thanks mate
    Hi HKJ

    Im looking to buy the Panasonic NCR 18650 3400mAh but there any so many brands out there and different prices which make my confuse.

    Can you recommend me some for my Zebra light H602 1860 XM-L2.Thanks
    Hi HKJ... Just wondering if you have any plans to do a review of the SkyRC NC2500 charger, by any chance? Looks like a pretty good competitor to the Maha C9000...
    Thanks for your advice HKJ, it really helps. It makes it so much easier having your info and graphs to see. It really helps us rookies.
    Cheers :)
    Hi HKJ,
    I have a few flashlights that use RCR123's, can you tell me what would be the best RCR123's would be? I like reading your reviews and thought you would be the best person to ask :)
    Another excellent review. It's reassuring, I always took the cells off when it turned green, when I used to use the Cytac. So although it doesn't use true CC/CV, no harm is done if cells are removed when the LED goes green, it's just a much slower charge process than it need be.
    Hi HKJ. If I was to send you my old Cytac CY-015 charger that I got from 4Sevens before they came out with their own single bay, would you be interested in reviewing it?
    It seems to be a similar shape to the Trustfire TR001/TR002, but possibly has different internals. Back at the time 4Sevens claimed it followed CC/CV method, but I've seen a review that states that it doesn't.
    I could post it to you and wouldn't need it back.
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