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  • Good morning , Icarus !! hope u doing well today , and sleep very well last night , thank u so much for your amazing seven sisters , u so awesome, u surprise me very much , I don't want to believe u did so great job.
    hey i will watch out my wallet other wise I will loose soon before I turn to flashlight alcoholic lol:nana:
    Hello Icarus, how are u ? hope u doing well , I am a new member, I have interested in your flash light very much .
    it good quality and good light . :)
    Hi Freddy,

    So glad to hear from you.
    I thought you may have been traveling.
    Sorry to hear you were sick, but glad you are better.
    I missed hearing from you. Have you still been modding lights?
    Are you still working at the library?

    Again I am very glad you are recovering.
    Your friend from Oklahoma
    Hello Icarus

    I'm MAx a frenchy,please i need some classic modding service (emitter swap,LE soldering,and maybe other more complicate stuff if you can),it is possible?


    Je suis idiot Belgique,surement tu dois aussi parler français....
    A bientot.
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