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  • Hello,

    I'm new to this so I'm not sure what you mean or why you quoted me. I'm missing something please be so kind as to share what you meant.

    Google, Brett Shaller Knives. Look at the worker one and two. For a little longer blade look at the huron. They have base prices which you add from there. Filework, Black or Red fiber liners, thong hole, mosaic pins made by him in his shop. The base prices for the worker one and two I think are $115 You can choose from CPM 154 or S30V. Hand made but his patterns. You customize with his extras. I decked one out completly. All decked out with all the extras on the Huron knive came to $182 and change plus shipping. For a knife of this caliber I do not think you can find a better deal. You will certainly not find a factory knife to equal his quality. Very nice people to deal with. Again Just Google, Brett Schaller Knives. And every thing is self explanatory after that. You put what you want on the knife you pick and he will give you a price. Most extras are like 20 or 25
    Thanks for your worthless reply to my thread. If you have nothing productive to add, I would appreciate it if you would not crap up my thread with dumb *** replies.
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