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  • i cant post this info in the forums because the moderators will censor it.

    you can beat the customs by having the sender (Stanley of HK Equipment) declare that the value of the light is under 40 dollars and that it is a gift.

    i have been ordering from him since early 2010. now i buy my stuff from intl-outdoor (cheaper prices). same strategy, have them delare it lower than actual. 40 USD will not get you in trouble with customs, you just have to pay the 40 pesos basic handling fee.

    the customs people in the makati PO is so used to seeing me there receiving my flashlight orders that sometimes they no longer open and inspect the box that arrives. In fact, I have incoming shipment of 4 lights and several accessories and batteries, all under declared and shipped separately so as to evade taxation.

    so easy! :)
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