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  • I saw your post re: A/R weponlights... Surefire M900a

    "For clarification, the "head" is a standard SureFire KT4 TH. What is different is the AW LED Turbo Tower with a Cree MC-E LED mounted on it."

    My question is where can I get the AW LED TurboTower Kit & is it easy to install on my KT4 TH ?

    I see that you've been making quite a few regulated incan setups. I was wondering if I could purchase a regulated switch from you that was programmed for the Osram 64610?


    Ben A.
    Hey im interested in that mag mod light which you were mentioning in my WTB +1500 lumen torch thread. Can you post any pictures and lumens ratings and runtimes?
    So looking to mod a 3D (new model) Maglite. I have a couple of P7 CSWNI comming in. It is what I got. Looking for a simple single mode light, that is bullet proof and runs effeceintly. So I have seen a couple recomendations from you that made sence to me so I thought that I would reach out with my parts and get your recomendations/thoughts. (I have two little ones with not alot of extra money to buy the wrong things too many times)
    -3D maglite
    -H22A's HAIII hardanodized heat sink
    -P7 CSWNI
    As to the Buck driver I see your recomendation on the Shark Buck 3A (is that the one for $25 (and with or without the trim pot?)?) and the Shark buck heat sink D body. As to batteries I would be running 3D NIMH batteries (Two listed 2500mAh and a 3000mAh is one better/recomended over the other? and a prefered band that you would recommend?) but, if at all possible, I would also like to be able to run alkalines if I had to in a pinch. Is that do-able?

    - Thanks- Marty
    CPF name: LonghunterCO
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