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  • Was reading your thread about the A10 for throwers and you said:

    "I don't like the feel in the hand of the A10G. It also doesn't come focused very well from the factory and requires you screw the pill out for best hot-spot."

    I recently purchased the A10 G and am not sure what you mean by this? How do you do that and is it something I need to adjust? If I can make the light more focused that is a good thing, right? Sorry, kind of new to the whole flashlight world but I do love my A10-G and ACE-G.

    Any help you can give me on customizing it or focusing or whatever is MUCH appreciated. Right now it throws extremely far but if I can make it better why not do that. I looked at the light and can't figure out what to do or what you meant.

    Also, I was considering going ahead and rounding off my collection with the A50. Do you think this light is better than the ACE-G and A-10? I love Tiablo lights and this new A50 has got my attention. What is your opinion?
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