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  • Hello, I have not been on cpf for almost 2 year's do not remember if I thanked you for your reply or not but thank's
    i do not know if you are into it or not but i found a few C - cell maglites and used a brake hone to fit a AW's 26500 LiMn bateries into them 2 cell with pelican 24 watt bulb and 3 cell with FM's 1909 bulb has proven to very good most of last 2 years been playing with high power lasers they to can fun but demand a lot of respect. it's cool to see a beam of light punch though plastic DVD case in 4 second's. thank you for the info if you have time sometime contact me direct at [email protected] I really do not get around to good on the forum. good luck and take care CPF win734440 or wayne
    IMR 14500 in sight?

    I was thinking it might make a blinding key chain light, as these run direct on high. But it would still need to be protected on the low end.
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