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  • Hi
    I'm still relatively new here in the CPF and I'm a fan of the Maratac CR123, meanwhile I have all 3 variants.
    It's all about this very old thread:-)
    you showed a photo called "threads are same as E-series body". If I understand correctly, there are manufacturers who make E-Series torches with the same thread as the first Maratac CR123. I honestly have no idea which manufacturers they are but I find it very interesting if there are other flashlights whose head you can screw on the battery tube of the Maratac and it works. Could you briefly tell me what I need to look for to find such flashlights or even just the head of them?
    I know it all sounds a bit crazy but I like flashlights Lego:-)
    Oh yes, I also write from Germany, so excuse my not so perfect English

    Best regards

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