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  • Hi, do you make dropins for maglites? In mrgmans sphere test thread he lists your dropins in mags but i dont see them for sale anywhere?
    Sorry for so many questions....

    I am looking for the SST-50 for a standard P6 on 2 x 123 primaries.

    Roughly how much output is there when regulated?
    Roughly how long will this output last?
    Can the 3 mode just be used with a standard Surefire Tailcap?
    Does it always switch on in high mode?

    Many Thanks for all these questions, I am just hoping that this suits my needs more than the Malkoff M61.

    i'm wondering if you do custom work. I'm looking to see if you can build me a tower for my surefire m6. i'd prefer an XP-G emitter.

    how much will it cost?
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