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  • There are a few tailcap switches floating around; I have a few and am not crazy about any of them to be honest. For an incan MM, I always return to the stock twist mechanism. No, the mineral glass is similar, but not the same as a UCL. The UCL has 99% light transmission through it; lets more lumens out. The TT1L bulb is brighter than the nexstar bulb, as it draws more current (1A, IIRC). Not sure about the bit size, I just tried a few until I got the right one. So far, the 1L/MM combo works fine for me. I don't like the beam artifacts, which is why I got the LDF (light diffusing film) on my UCL lens. Converts it to a very floody beam, which I like for this light.
    I read your post about using a Minimag with TT 1L bulb. How's that working for you? Are those brighter than the Brinkmann Nexstar bulbs that have been talked about so much? What size drill bit did you on the reflector? Also you mentioned using a UCL-LDF lens - is that similar to the mineral glass lens I bought from the Sandwich Shoppe? Trying to make my Minimag as good as it can be! Oh, and I'm also looking for a good quality tailcap switch for it - any tips? Thanks!

    Think of them as the same light. The P is smaller/lighter using a 17670 vs 18650 for the T (both can use 2x123s), and thus has not as long runtime and lesser throw than the T. The runtime for the P is great, though, and I would recommend that one for camping/hiking. The floodier beam is better for lighting up terrain underfoot than a tighter spot would be. The P also throws fine, so I think you'll be happy with it.
    I noticed that you own both, the EagleTac P100C2 and the T100C2 MKII.

    I am considering buying one of these but am having a tough time trying to decide which one. I will be using it mainly for camping & hiking. Would you mind sharing your opinions on which one you would recommend?
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