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    Laser for Newbee

    About Wicked... I have only ever heard BAD things about them, overpriced, underpowered, poor quality control, customer service, etc... be warned....
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    What Do You Drive?

    DO you mean Subwoofer or Dog? Cause I'm pretty sure thats for his Pup...
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    First Surefire?

    Calling Size15... calling Size15!! ETA: Wow sgt. led... that was a long time ago ;-)
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    Sold/Expired Sold: Mac's 1000 Lumen HID Purple [email protected]!!!

    Re: FS: Mac's 1000 Lumen HID Purple [email protected]!!! Uhhh..... I don't see the Purple???
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    Cooking a Turkey

    Thats why we have an electric fryer :grin2: no flame.... only way mom would let us use it :cool:
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    Somali pirates (not of the Caribbean)

    Non family friendly phrasing removed - Empath Now... please don't get mad at me... this is just MY Opinion
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    Things today's kids missed out on

    Yea... I think I'm the only one of my friends my age that actually got my @$$ whooped when I did something bad... my dad wore a thick belt...:crazy:
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    Your rebellious teen years..?

    Dude... you should sooooooooo write a book about those stories... I would buy it... As for me... I'm still in my teens... I'm just finished being the Rebellious part.... worst thing i did was drink and smoke some MJ.... :sick: Oh yea... I still do sneak out sometimes to be with my...
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    The 1 Light you cant afford, but would love 2 use once?

    Either BVH's Searchlight Or A Maxabeam Or A Mag623 or any mag mod that can light paper on fire:ooo:
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    what are you going as on halloween?

    I can't wait for halloween....
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    The 2009 SHOT Show Thread

    I hopefully will be able to go with my uncle who runs an army surplus store in the big O-town...
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    #$^&@$%@#$ I lost my 6P :(

    I haven't had the chance to call them yet...:sigh:
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    #$^&@$%@#$ I lost my 6P :(

    They are closed for the night, we just got back, we went for dinner afterwards :(
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    #$^&@$%@#$ I lost my 6P :(

    Dammit... I went to the local go cart race place, and I guess it fell out of my pocket :( The thing is... it was my dads, and he passed away in August, so it had alot of sentimental value.:mecry: Any of you have that happen to you?
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    BEAMSHOTS ADDED How To Lose 3/4 Pound and Gain 7000 Lumens in a 5D BEAMSHOTS ADDED

    Re: How To Lose 3/4 Pound and Gain 7000 Lumens in a 5D Those are the 18650 cells correct?