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  • hehe,
    a friend of mine has a pelican 7060, and he ran over it with his truck accidentally.
    bought it into pelican, they took the broken light to the back, and brought him out a brand new light.

    i think hes on his 3rd or 4th pelican 7060, everytime it breaks, they give him a new one.
    now thats a warranty! hehe

    too bad you didnt save the pieces... hehe
    Re: Hello CR123A -"also, pelican lights have a great warranty. they might be able to replace your lost pelican."

    Unfortunately I dropped it on the ice in about -5F temps about a year ago. The case shattered into about 6 pieces. Hey, at least I saved the Eneloops :-}
    ok bro. Please walk me through this! Im going to buy a sloar force host an L2 right? then what do i do. Id love to get700 to 800 lumens out the front

    Headlamp for the dog is a great idea! I will have my husband play around with that suggestion. As far as my husband's light collection, we'll let's just say it is enough to light up the city. His got a thrower that lights up a building more than 500 yards away.

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