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  • Thanks Rej; the traceroutes so far are showing that the switch the server is connected to *may* have a flaky port but it isn't conclusive. Ideally I'd like to try to capture something definitive over a period of sustained apparent dip in performance. If you note a period where the site doesn't seem to be responding quickly for more than a click or two, I'd appreciate a traceroute.

    I have some other tools I can deploy but the trick is being available when we see an issue. When I get back to posting on CPF with my normal volume I'm sure I'll get to witness this!

    Collecting really good data on this makes it easier to get a provider to do something. Plus there is always the chance that the connectivity is only a minor player in the effect, if at all.

    We'll sort it out in the end I'm sure.
    Hi Tandem, I have no idea what is going on or don't profess to... and considering it's a rare occurrence, I am not overly too concerned, especially since all the issues you (all) have gone through to get CPF up and running again.

    Having said that, I have seen similiar issues as 'Donn' over the course of the weekend and chalk that up to 'others' catching up on getting there 'addiction fix' after this down spell.

    My initial 'unsaved' trace-routes may be wrong, as when I ran a few coming home from work tonight, I got these ;(next PM)

    So take my comments with a grain of salt....but if there is anything i can help with...just ask.
    As I said, it has not been a major issue, I just wanted to voice what i had been seeing as well.

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