100mW 445nm Blue Laser Diode Module for Power Supply Change


Newly Enlightened
Jul 7, 2015
My lab experiment is in need of continuous laser beam emitting tool. We have made selection of a high powered 100mW 445nm blue laser diode module, it is getting from here:
When we are making test inside lab, it is working well. The projecting blue laser source is very stable and reliable. However, we recently make moderation of our project plan. We need to make presentation with this 100mW blue laser module outside. However, its DC input power supply is not workable outside. There is no electric source to support this external power supply laser. We are considering of changing of power source into battery type. Anyway, we don't spend extra money on getting a new laser. It will increase the cost of experiment.
We are now in need of good suggestion to help me make change of power supply type of this 100mW blue laser module. We are also looking for help from laser supply. Thank you in advance.