2AAA .5 Replaces 25 Year EDC


Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 4, 2003
Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Nuwai's new .5 2AAA has supplanted my old standby 2AAA/222 penlights that I've pocketed since 1980. I'll bet I've gone through 25 of those cheap, intermittant, penlights in that time - maybe more, because they quickly wear out.

Since having the Nuwai .5, I quit EDCing the Q3 or LSL at work becaue it provides enough flood for close work and throws sufficiently much of the time. I still keep some varitey of 2 X 123 light on my belt for longer reach.

Any recommendations for improving the slippery grip on the twist switch? Thin rubber tape, glue on some emmory cloth and get rid of my finger/thumb prints?

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