4 Sevens Flashlight Question


Newly Enlightened
Jul 9, 2010
Hey all,

After having been away from CPF for awhile since my initial exposure, I had my first flashlight stolen from me, which was a Quark 123 single cell, R5 edition. I loved that light, and it was my first venture into high output flashlights. Now that I have some Xmas money, I can finally replace this light, and am thinking that I might like the additional size of the Quark 123 two cell version. I like the Quark because I feel like I get decent quality at a reasonable price, but notice that there is a new more expensive S2 LED version. I was told that with an identical reflector and chip, that the S2 produces a tighter beam. Should I go for the S2 or stick with R5? My CPF search didn't reveal any information specific to the Quark line. I would love if someone here had an R5 and S2 Quark to compare, and give their thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of each.