4seven quark rant


Newly Enlightened
Jun 16, 2010
Hey there first of all thanks to CPF and to it's members i was able to purchase some quality lights specifically zebralights scw50 and h501, d10 ramping also found out here where to order, my very pocketable spotlight (jetbeam jet pro III) unfortunately my quark reg AA, and the quark mini reg, are not part of them.

On different occassions they both fell from my waist and dropped on our solid floor tile, after which both failed to operate....UNFORTANELY for me i live in the Philippines and i don't think its practical for me to have it shipped for repairs :( only thing i like them are the threading and the interface ...

On the other hand i dropped the scw50 twice (on concrete road) few scratches, but working flawlessly , the h501 once (wood parquet) still fine, and IMHO the most durable (dropped a hundred times probably) is my cmg infinity task light (the first gen)...

Just had to let that out cause of MY damn quark lights